Learn to play soccer now with 10 soccer tips for beginners!

Soccer is considered as a King Sport and many people are attracted by playing it. No matter who you are, may be a beginner who has ever not touched a ball or a played soccer who want to improve their skills, this article gives you 20 tips to play soccer that are so easy.

I. Essential Skills To Play Soccer For Beginners

1. Learn How To Dribble:

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Dribbling is the most basic skill of playing soccer, so learning how to dribble is one of the most important things of soccer tips for beginners. It is the ability to carry the ball while it is being in control that is, controlling the ball while running with the use of a several taps or a magnificent move around a foe. The player cannot play the game if they do not know how to dribble a ball. And then, if you want to keep the ball in your team, you need to dribble well.

Dribbling is the action of touching the ball strong enough to carry it forward and also light enough to keep it by your side (I mean keep it away from opponents). You can dribble with the inside of your shoe or the outside of the shoe, no matter! The safest way to dribble is using the inside of your shoe. Moreover, you have to use different parts of the shoe in many different situations. You have to learn to dribble at different speeds, too. When you are running down the sideline and you have beaten your man, your dribbling will be different; it depends on your place in football round. Perhaps you run down the sideline and beat your man or you are taking on a defender head on, it is quite different! Remember that you should keep the ball close to your side at all times when you are dribbling with a lower speed. In contrast, if you are dribbling with a faster speed, you can sometimes kick the ball far away and run to the ball, especially when you have just beaten your man. In fact, most players can run more quickly as the way they dribble it. As a result, you have to do that!

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2.      Learn How To Pass:

Another soccer tips for beginners is learning how to pass. It is something about putting the ball in the place that you want it is. You need to kick the ball with using the inside of your foot to pass a soccer ball. All depend on it! This action may give you less power but it gives you more accuracy! When you can master the basic pass, you can slice and hook the ball, too. Therefore, you can pass the ball to one of your teammates. Focus on your planter foot to know where it is going. It should be right next to the ball, and your toe pointed the place that you wall ball travel. Forecast the place where a player is going to be. You often tend to pass on the fly, kick the ball to a space where you want your teammate to be. Try to kick the ball ahead of your teammates when they are running to help them run to the ball.

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