Top 11 basic hockey drills for beginners revealed!

11 Hockey Drills For Beginners Take Your Game To The Next Level

Do you want to become a better hockey player? Then, you are in the right place. Well, starting a new sport can be pretty intimidating. As a beginner, you might have no idea what to buy, how to play, and how to get started. However, once you are reading this article, you are absolutely right on track. This article covers the basic hockey drills for beginners that will put you ahead in a game. Read on the list of hockey drills for beginners below to discover top 11 tips which help you get started on your field hockey career and boost your potential hockey skills to the next level.

11 Hockey Drills For Beginners – The Ultimate Guide For Hockey Newbies 

1.      Buy A Composite Stick

hockey drills for beginners pdf

If you are intending to stay with the sport, then you need to buy a composite stick right now. It might be slightly more expensive than their wood-based counterparts, but it is worth for you to get. Players will feel easier to play with a composite stick because they will have more power and control. Spending more money on a composite stick coming from a brand name will be your good choice in the long run because it can save your money.

When buying a cheaper one, I guess that eventually, you will have to buy a more advanced one. As a result, you have to pay the amount of money equal to two sticks – obviously they will cost you more than a good stick. Before purchasing, you should try out it – most vendors allow you to play with the stick before buying it. Check some fundamental techniques to play hockey here to broaden your knowledge about this sport.

2.      Understand The Rules

Because the sport is non-contact, games are often dominated by the referee calls. There are a lot of types of fouls; nevertheless, the most popular is a foot foul. Unlike soccer, with hockey, the balls will not be allowed to hit any player’s feet on the field excluding the goalie, both unintentionally and intentionally. Those people who are beginners often have trouble with this problem until they get familiar with stick stopping. Yet, when you know the fundamental rules, you will play faster and more enjoyable.

3.      Experience Different Positions

When it comes to the position in a hockey games, there are four major positions which are forward, defense, midfield, and goalie. In general, if you are new to hockey, try out all positions to get a feel in order to decide where you will be suitable for playing. However, if you played a likely position in other sports (maybe), you can apply some of those skills to this hockey. For instance, you played softball, so, you can take advantage of the same wrist sap to hit the ball. With soccer, your understanding on strategy and positioning will be helpful for you in playing hockey because this sport is so similar to soccer.

4.      Learn The Passing Lingo hockey drills for beginners review

When playing, players work together by passing the ball among each other in order to progress it up the hockey field. Players will use a triangle passing system for connecting passes to one another. This plan will help them prevent the opponents from intercepting the ball. When it comes to passes, there are some common hockey training drills:

  • Flat pass – players will pass directly to the right or left, just across the field.
  • Through pass – a straight forward pass
  • Back pass – a backward pass

Normally, the most popular pass is punch pass. With this pass, people will keep the ball on their stick for the entire duration of the pass, then push the ball to their teammates. They can also slap the ball for making a moving pass to their teammate.

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