Top 15 home gardening tips and tricks for beginners

Making gardening easier does not mean there will not always be something to do in your garden. Although most gardeners enjoy the time they spend on working in their gardens, there are stills some tips that help you feel the gardening more joyful and productive than ever before. Here, we provide you with common mistakes that people often make when gardening and a lot of home gardening tips that allow you to garden effortlessly.

15 Home Gardening Tips – Make Your Garden More Attractive Easily

I. Home Gardening Tips – 8 Really Dumb Gardening Mistakes

1. Overwater The Plant

home gardening tips for beginnersIf you overwater your plant, that plant will turn yellow, drop leaves, rots, or simply croaks.

In fact, giving the plan too much water will kill it more quickly than giving it too little. Though moist soil is good for plants, too soggy, poorly drained soil will cause harmful effects on them. Waterlogged soil will help plant’s roots function appropriately. Due to this, those plants which are overwatered might wilt on sunny days from too much water, not little.

In order to reduce the risks of overwatering, you had better keep track of the amount of water you use. Do not water the same plants 3 times per day. Before watering, examine the moisture of the soil by sticking your finger about one inch deep into the soil near the base. By this way, you can see if the soil is moist or dry.

2. Plant Too Deeply

If you plant too deeply, the roots of that plant will smother and it will die steadily.

Because the air is necessary for any plant’s root to breathe, once you plant it too deeply (6 feet under) its roots cannot get enough air. So, when planting, just make sure that the top of root ball will be higher than the ground. To keep the air from drying the plant’s root ball, you can cover its top root with less amount of mulch.

3. Prune Flowering Trees At The Wrong Moment

Actually, several plants make flower buds on their new growth, while others make buds based on the growth of the previous year. If you prune at the wrong time, you might remove flower buds which will lead to no blooms.

There is a simple rule you need to know is that people should prune shrubs and trees blooming from winter through May in the late spring and early summer. With those blooming after May, you should prune in the later winter and early spring. Generally, the best time for pruning any flowering tree is instantly after its flowers fade.

4. Over Fertilize home gardening tips hindi

In fact, fertilizer is not real “plant food”. It includes chemicals which allow leaves to make food from the sunshine. Plants which are growing in the fertile soil including a large amount of organic matter will not require frequent fertilization. Plants suffering from drought do not require any fertilizer at all.

It is recommended that people should purchase fertilizers which are formulated for specific types of plants and apply at the rates indicated on the label. Moreover, you should choose the organic, slow-release fertilizers which can work slowly through months and really increase the soil quality by giving organic matter.

5. Mix Too Many Colors

Let me ask you a question, do you want to wear yellow earrings, red lipstick, a green dress, and blue shoes? If no, why you plant your flower border that way? You had better maximize effect by planting sweeps of single colors rather than plant one flower of every color.

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