Take a load off your mind with 17 Effective methods in rheumatoid arthritis prevention!

RA is a disease impact on many parts of the body such as: hands, knees and wrists. And all people that have RA are very suffering for it. 18 effective methods below help you prevent RA risks easily.

I.       Some Notices In Your Diet For Rheumatoid Arthritis Prevention

1.      Drink Plenty Of Water:

rheumatoid arthritis prevention dietOur body is made up of ¾ (about 75%) water, so it’s the most important element. In fact, cartilage in your joints works as shock absorbers. The reason leads to the deterioration of this result is osteoarthritis. For all of these, drinking water can help you improve your health easily. Some other kinds of drinking like coffee or may contain water, but you can’t replace water with them. Perhaps you like drinking them, but they also act as a diuretic which makes your body expel fluids more quickly without adequating hydrate your body.

2.      Increase Your Calcium Intake:
rheumatoid arthritis prevention tipsHow to make a good result in Rheumatoid arthritis prevention, notice to your daily diet. Make sure you have a diet with foods rich in dairy such as milk, cheese and yogurt. If you don’t like lactose products, no matter! Add to your diet with non-dairy foods but rich in calcium. Some foods like cheese, cabbage, okra, black beans, peanuts, almonds; fish canned (like sardines) are the best choice for you.

3.      Increase Your Vitamin Intake: 
rheumatoid arthritis prevention treatmentRheumatoid arthritis prevention also includes supporting vitamin, especially Vitamin C and D. Two kinds of these vitamins have been known to support healthy joints. Vitamin D may prevent the attack of rheumatoid arthritis. Nevertheless, some people can’t get direct sunlight (I mean people who live in northern climates) may be lacked of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps increase the amount of calcium into your body and bones. Another way, you can eat foods rich in vitamin D such as cod liver oil, fish, salmon, oysters, tuna, fortified orange juice or milk, yogurt, eggs, mushroom beef. Make sure that asking a doctor before taking any supplements because they can harm you!

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4.      Limit Caffeine: rheumatoid arthritis prevention foodDrinking a coffee can make you more awake but having a heavy caffeine comsumption increase RA risk. It’s not good for Rheumatoid arthritis prevention. If you are coffee adicted, what can you do? Even you drink 3 or fewer cups of coffee a day it’s not safe! Even small amout of coffee a day can make you suffering with withdrawal symptoms. Try to give it up gradually!

5.      Eat More Fish: rheumatoid arthritis prevention measuresIf you are not eating enough fish as well as olive oil or nuts, you have greater risks of being RA. So, eat more fish is a great way in Rheumatoid arthritis prevention. The risk of catch to RA will reduce 20-30% if you eat fish 2-3 times a week.  Omega-3 fatty acids in fish reduce the inflammation; hence, it’s useful for your health. Try to eat plenty of fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, sardines, shad or tuna.

6.      Avoid Excess Alcohol Consumption: Drinking alcohol smoking. It weakens vitamin absorption and bone structure of your body which makes you easy to catch with RA, too. Alcohol is also harm your liver, especially when you have Hepatitis B and C.

7.      Quit Smoking:  rheumatoid arthritis prevention guideYou know that smoking is very harmful to your lung. It weakens your bone health and structure, too. Consequently, RA patients who quit smoking have improvements in their health. The pains that they experienced as well as the sufferings in their joints are reduced.

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8.      Eat More Foods That Are Good For Rheumatoid Arthritis Prevention: Inflammatory foods fried and processed food, Sugar and Refined Carbs, Salt and Preservatives, Corn oil, etc.

II.     Some Activities That You Should Do ForRheumatoid Arthritis Prevention:

1.      Maintain Your Weight:  rheumatoid arthritis prevention reviewIncreasing weight makes you easy to catch to osteoarthritis; hence, losing weight cuts the risk of arthritis.According to a study, it has shown that obesity also hurts the renewal process cartilage. When you have damaged cartilage and it is not replaced quickly enough by new one, it makes an attack of osteoporosis.

2.      Exercise Regularly With Both Cardiovascular And Light Weightlifting Exercises: rheumatoid arthritis prevention onlineOne of the best ways in Rheumatoid arthritis prevention is exercising. It not only reduces your weight but also keeps your muscles and your joints strong and flexible. You should do exercise about 20 minutes a day for three days a week with a vigorous exercise. With a moderate exercise, you should spend 30 minutes a day for five days a week. If you don’t exercise, any other methods are not enough to againstthe early attack of arthritis.Choose your exercise that is suitable for you, choose it carefully!Some exercise like weight lifting and running can make your joints stress and increase the likelihood. As a result, you may get osteoarthritis. Make sure that you don’t make a combination between low-impact exercise like swimming, biking, and elliptical into your daily practice. Plus, make sure that you have proper shoes for you walking or other low-impact activities.

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3.      Reduce Repetitive Motions In Your Daily Life: You may think that your work, or sports or other activities often make a good result in Rheumatoid arthritis prevention. It is not the case! Sometimes, these activities include harmful things, especially if they are repetitive motions. How could they harm your health? When you have repetitive motions, they can lead to micro trauma in surrounding joint tissue. And then, it can lead to osteoarthritis. Try to pay your attention to biomechanics, I mean your posture in your daily routine. Some activities like knee bending, squatting, and bending over can make repetitive stress as well as micro trauma if you do they improperly! The sooner you fix your posture, thehealthier your joints are.You shouldn’t sit still for a longtime; it is similar to a repetitive motion. It makes more stress on your joints and spine. After every 30 minutes you work at a desk, stand up!

4.      Practice Yoga Or Simple Stretching:  rheumatoid arthritis prevention cureThis kind of exercise helps you to strengthen your muscles around joints. Once your muscles are strong, they can lift one part of burden from your joint. Anther kind of this exercise that you can do stretching. It also improves your motion as well as maintains it.

5.      Treat Injuries Adequately: Some repetitive injuries like ankle sprains can lead to arthritis in some years later. Therefore, make sure that you give the joint time to get well. You can train it with a physical therapist in the case you have serious injuries.

6.      Get Tested Early: RA has an influence on all of us, especially on women with 75%. The age that have much risks of contracting this disease between 20 and 45. Although scientist can’t determine the exact cause of this, RA is considered as a hereditary condition. As a result, Rheumatoid arthritis prevention begins from consider whether your family members have an RA or not. You will have a greater risk of having this disease if your mother or father or both of them have an RA. However, according to a rheumatologist and RA advocate, this risk is still small.

7.      Increase Estrogen: Another method in Rheumatoid arthritis prevention is increasing estrogen. According to a recent study, estrogen can help against RA. Women who have a lower estrogen levels have a greater risk affected by this disease. It’s true that pregnant women can reduce RA symptoms because of increasing estrogen naturally during their pregnancy. Another research also shows that estrogen can protect against the development of bone abnormalities. This associated with knee osteoarthritis. Therefore, estrogen may have a positive result in preventing RA.

8.      Minimize Stress: rheumatoid arthritis prevention bonusThe important thing to having a healthy life is controlling your stress. Stress is considered as one of environmental factorsthat can actually prompt the features of RA. It also makessome flare-ups like stiffness or painin of your joints.

9.      Prevent Viral Infection: Some studies show that infection can be the reason of RA. 20% of patients have RA symptoms because of infection. One simple thing that you can do to prevent viral infection is washing your hands frequently. Besides, avoiding being in some places such as public rest room or public tables where you can be infected easily.

10.     Avoid Environmental Toxins: rheumatoid arthritis prevention planThe gap between RA and environmental toxins is so fragile. Man-made pesticides or organic solvents are the factors that can lead to RA. RA patients have less ability to get rid of toxins. It is due to the low levels of glutathione one kind of protein produced by your liver and it has an important role in neutralizing harmful substances inyour body.

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This is my short blog with 18tips for rheumatoid arthritis prevention. I think they are must be useful for all of you who want to prevent this disease. Prevention is better than cure!

Let me know if you have any comments about it! Your comments are useful contributions for me.

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