Check out 19 healthy foods for babies that can provide energy and vitamin for baby’s growth

In general, the super power foods can contain a lot of vital vitamins and supplements for babies. However, you should consult your pediatrician before feeding your babies eggs, citrus, yogurt, and fish, if your own babies are no more than one year old because these kinds of foods can cause the bad allergic reaction. Some other kinds of foods such as meat, vegetable purees, and fruit can be gradually provided earlier than six months if your own babies are ready for all of them. You should remember that some solid foods cannot be fed for less than 4 months year old babies.

In this blog, we will provide you some healthy foods for babies which can bring vital vitamins and good supplements for babies’ growth.

1.     Squash Is The First

Squash is one of the excellent sources of fiber, vitamins A and vitamin C. This kind of food has naturally sweet, a pleasing, and creamy texture.

You can combines parmesan cheese on the squash, and then roast it for feeding for your own baby. In other way, you can cook the squash with cilantro, and garbanzo beans.

healthy foods for babies to gain weight

2.     Lentils

Lentils contain fiber and protein. Lentils can be the big pack of powerful nutrition. They are one of the best healthy foods for your babies which you will buy easily in the local supermarket.

You can combine the healthy cooked lentils with green vegetables, rice, and a little bit of seasonings or you can try oregano and basil for healthy and natural recipes. Or you can toss in your bay leaf, which works well with healthy lentils.

3.     Dark Green Leafy Vegetables Are Healthy Foods For Babies

healthy foods for babies 6 months

Some kind of leafy greens are great sources of folate and iron. These kinds of foods are Kale, collard greens, and chard. The spinach is one of the best dark green leafy vegetables which can provide a good source of fiber and vitamin A for your baby. You can steam and puree this green and mix them with a healthy kind of iron-fortified cereal to provide your own baby a good source of iron.

4.     Broccoli

Broccoli contains folate, calcium, and fiber. Besides broccoli is the good source of cancer-fighting supplements. Thanks to the sulfur compounds in this kind of food, broccoli has a good flavor that will support to expand your own baby’s tastes. You can steam broccoli until soft, and then chill it, because this chill broccoli can be soothing during babies’ teething.5.     Blueberries

The brilliant and deep blue berries can contain flavonoids, and anthocyanins, which can be a good supplement for baby’s eyes, urinary tract, and brain. You can combine a little of blueberries with a cup of boiled water, and then put this mixture in the microwave for about minute. You can let it cool, put more yogurt, and fed your own babies.

5.     Easy Peas

Peas have high nutritional value. Peas contain good supplements for your baby’s foods. This value is amazing for babies’ eyes, brain, blood, and bones. These kinds of peas can contain more protein, calcium, Vitamin A and vitamin C, fiber and Iron, which are good for baby’s health.

These amazing little vegetables can be a great green healthy recipes for your own baby because they are very nutritious, and pleasant for babies to eat. When you are making food with peas for your own baby, you should puree it smoothly, and then run them via a strainer or some things as a sieve. By this way, your lovely baby can eat this food easily.

healthy foods for babies to eat

6.     Nutritious Egg

Nutritious egg can contain 1.5 grams (about 31%) of the saturated fat, 1.9 grams (about 38%) of the monounsaturated fats total and 0.68 grams (about 14%) of the polyunsaturated fat. All of these fats are good and healthy fats for providing energy for babies’ activities. Furthermore, nutritious egg also contains healthy protein and calcium for babies to gain strong bones.

7.     Mangos

Mangos are high in Vitamin A, carotenoids, which are good for babies’ eyes and blood. These good carotenoids can play an important role in reducing the risk of all cancers and heart disease. Furthermore, these carotenoids can be added in healthy eating meals which are successful in preventing some common cool and season flu.

Mangoes are high in fiber, but they contain the low level of fat, and calories. You can find the high source of Vitamins C and vitamin B, iron, protein, and potassium in mangoes.

Like Papayas, these kinds of fruits are tropical fruits which are recommended for using as babies’ first food.

8.     Sweet Potatoes

healthy foods for babies at home

The amazing nutritional value of sweet potato is also a source of delicious food for baby. This makes these good “spuds” another amazing choice for your baby’s first food. Sweet potatoes can be the great source of Vitamin A, potassium, beta carotene, Vitamin E, folate, and calcium.

10.     Healthy Foods For Babies: Apples

Apples can be one of these good foods which you should feed your babies. You should know that an apple per day can keep the doctor far away. There are many varieties of healthy apples for you to choose, and then introduce them to your baby. We also believe eating apple can be the best to improve immune system.

You can provide your own baby with apples when he/she is 6 months years old. The healthy apples include ascorbic acid which plays special role in preventing high blood pressure and reducing the risk of high cholesterol in the blood. Apple also contains Vitamin C, and fiber. Moreover, mothers can eat apple as the flat stomach foods.

11.     Carrots 

Carrots can be introduced to baby at the 6 to 8 months of their age. I highly recommend that you should consult any feeding method and issue with the doctors or pediatrician before applying to your own child.

Carrots are the great source of vitamin A and beta carotene. And you should know that beta carotene and Vitamin A play a critical role in baby’s eye development.

Carrots can be often used as the first food for your baby, because carrots are easy for baby to digest, and they contain an excellent source of nutrients like Vitamin A, Calcium, fiber, and Vitamin C.

12.     Fish

healthy foods for babies one year

Fish makes your own baby smarter. Many researches release that babies who can receive DHA-enriched foods experience cognitive development. You should provide your baby more foods with omega-3, and DHA. A 2003 research in the news Pediatrics showed that all mothers who ate omega-3 supplements during her long pregnancy and the lactation improved their babies’ cognitive abilities at four years old. In 2005, another research showed that children who received omega-3 supplements improved spelling and reading scores. And the baby’s brain grows prenatally fastest and grows rapidly in some first years of life, and this is a good time to put DHA into babies’ diet.

13.     Meat

Meat includes chicken, lamb, and beef can be good sources of protein, iron, niacin, riboflavin, zinc , and vitamin, and can be the high calorie foods. You should make sure meat pureed to a healthy and smooth texture. You should know that even chopped meat can be difficult to handle and can cause choking. You can try mixing some kind of pureed meat with your breast milk and veggie puree for your baby.

healthy foods for babies and toddlers

14.     Beets

Beets are high level of extraordinary nutrient. They’re great source of potassium, beta-carotene, and folic acid all of them are wet veggies which your own babies take a good liking quickly. You can roast or steam this kind of foods until they can be super-soft, and then you can mash them to fed your babies.

15.     Yogurt

Yogurt and dairy products are protein-rich foods for your own baby. Moreover, they contain calcium and many beneficial active cultures. You should know that lactose can be broken down with good cultures in the yogurt, and dairy products. They can be easy for your own baby to digest. You should feed for your baby at nine month or older.

16.     Cheerios

Many good experts like the good Cheerios. This can be an excellent first food for your babies with the higher level of fiber. Stern – is an older good expert state that he cannot think children can live without Cheerios. You should feed this kind of food for babies at 9months or older.

 17.      Honey

healthy foods for babies naturally

Honey will be a good thing to add in babies’ food. According to many researches, honey can be linked to the baby botulism, and some illnesses that will be fatal. The babies’ tummies under one year old simply will not deactivate the good botulism spores that can include in honey. So you should avoid this kind of food until the baby has passed the first birthday. We also provides some unsafe food list for women to avoid when pregnancy.

18.     Peanuts And Nuts

You also can provide small amounts of the healthy creamy peanut in babies’ food meals when he or she is one year old. You should try to spread these kinds of foods a thin layer. However, you should avoid nuts and peanuts in their whole form until four-year-old- babies to prevent choking.

19.     Cow’s Milk
Babies cannot digest easily the cow’s milk, so you should feed for babies at one age. Cow’s milk contains a lot of good supplements such as calcium, protein, DHA, which are goof for babies’ bones, health and brains.

There are 19 healthy foods for babies, which you need to add in your babies’ meal. If you think this blog is useful, you can share it with your friends, and if you are interested in this topic, you can leave your comment at the end of this blog.

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