Top 20 surprising tips on how to live longer and better you absolutely should know instantly!

In the 20th century, people live longer than before. So, why? The advances in education, health, and diseases prevention and treatment are improved. But, not everyone knows that their everyday habits can affect how long and how well they live. Here, the comprehensive article of tips on how to live longer will provide you with all necessary things to live a better life with ease.

How To Live Longer – Will You Live To 100?

1.      Play Some Brain Games

Keeping your mind stimulated will boost brain power and memory as well as slash the risk of increasing Alzheimer’s and dementia nearly in half. So, it is better for you to look for some fun manners to challenge your own brain. Do this by memorizing the phone numbers programmed in the cell phone and making calls without using the speed dial. Or, instead of using the dominant hand, you can use chopsticks and brush teeth with your non-dominant hand.

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2.      Do Not Oversleep how to live longer and feel better pdf

Sleeping too much could decrease your life expectancy. Those people who sleep more than 8 hours a night will have a significantly higher death risk than those who do not. Yet, on the other hand, those late-night-party-goers also had better not rejoice because sleeping less than 4 hours also boosts the risk of death. Lack of sleep will put you at greater risk of health conditions like heart diseases and depression. So, it is essential for you to sleep from 6 to 7 hours each night in order to live healthily.

3.      Keep Optimistic

If you have a positive outlook on the life, obviously, you will have less stress and also be well equipped to handle with challenges. As a result, your life expectancy will be longer compared with those who are pessimistic. Optimists tend to have lower blood pressure than the others. This is likely related to how positive-minded people respond to depression and stress.

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4.      Reduce Excess Weight

Overweight people tend to have higher chance of heart attack, which, consequently, might result in death. Thus, maintaining a healthy weight is so critical for everyone if want to live longer.

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5.      Have Regular Sex

A large number of studies on longevity pointed out that those people who have sex less than once per month will have double risk of dying prematurely than those who have sex twice per week. Apart from health benefits, those couples who have a healthy sex life might be younger because sex can decrease stress, resulting in greater contentment as well better sleep.

6.      Balance On A Single Leg In The Morning

Well, this seems to be a strange tip on how to live longer, but standing on one leg when dressing in every morning can force your body to balance and strengthen the “core” muscles of your body, including back, stomach, and pelvic muscles. By doing this simple act each day, you will be able to protect your bones and against broken bones when getting older.

7.      Cook With Spices And Herbs

Flavoring recipes with fresh herbs as well as spices rather than cooking with sugar, salt, butter.  This can cut down the intake of sodium, fat, and calories, and increase the health benefits of a certain food. Seasonings like basil and saffron contain cancer defeaters, while spicy herb like black pepper and nutmeg might help lower your blood pressure.

8.      Make Use Of Dark Chocolate how to live longer review

For years, many experts proved that chocolate has the ability of assisting people in fighting cancer and protecting their heart. It is recommended that enjoying 30 calories of dark chocolate per day will lower the blood pressure dramatically. This can lead to lower risk of dying from heart disease of about 5 percent. Thus, consume dark chocolate daily with proper quantity from now to live better.

9.      Stop Eating When You Are About 80% Full

The secret of those people who live beyond 100 is that they stop eating once they feel about 80% satisfied. So, happily leave any excess food on your plate if you are nearly full. Even, those animals of which food intake is decreased by up to 1/3 can live up to twice as long than others. In other words, eating less also means that your metabolism will have less work to do, thus putting less stress on your body.

10.     Own A Pet

You might wonder why a pet can help you live longer, right? In fact, people who own a pet will have less stress; thereby drop blood pressure and also lessen the risk of heart attack. Moreover, those who walk their dog every day may live about 7 years longer than non-dog owners. The calming effect of owning an animal is so incredible, so you should give it a try.

11.     Do Not Eat Fruit In Fridge

This tip on how to live longer might make you surprise, but, studies show that the chilled fruit include fewer health boosting nutrients than fresh fruit or fruit kept at room temperature

For instance, peppers and tomatoes stored in a bowl will contain double times of beta-carotene and about 20 times of lycopene than in the fridge.

The higher consumption of these antioxidants is linked to better heart health and lower rate of certain cancers. how to live longer pdf

12.     Sing In The Shower

It sounds funny, right? Singing regularly can be a good health insurance policy than taking vitamins. A good old singsong will reduce stress, promote a healthy heart, and help to kick off depression.

13.     Reduce Watching TV Time At Night

According scientists’ claim, after the age of 25, each hour of TV people watch will reduce about 20 minutes off their lifespan.

The reason is that the more hours you spend on watching TV, the less your body move. At that time, your body will do nothing; muscles are not exercises and also calories are not burnt off. Thus, this will raise the risk of early death and sickness.

14.     Measure The Waist

Waist measurement is a good indicator of heart disease than the body mass index – BMI as it could show the existence of visceral fat which is the dangerous fat sitting around the vital organs.

15.     Laugh More 

Laughter has many positive effects on human’s health. The advantages of laughter are stress reduction, T-cell killers stimulation, so people can prevent cancers effectively. Yet, because adults just laugh an average of 5 – 15 times per day whilst children easily laugh over a hundred times. 

16.     Stop Smoking

Smoking, as we all know, will shorten your life by approximately 10 years. In other words, it can reduce the quality of life in old age years. At that time, smokers tend to be more likely to get debilitating sicknesses.

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17.     Believe In Certain Belief

There is a connection between living longer and faith. If you have strong belief in something, you will deal with emotional issues and stress easily. Also, this seems to offer the protection against respiratory as well as digestive problems.

18.     Exercise

Every day, get up and then begin moving. Not only getting up early and exercising help you maintain your weight, but can develop the cardiovascular health easily. Also, they allow you to strengthen your bones, and enhance the endorphins in the body, which hormones can give you energy and make you feel happier. You also are able to ward off stress as well. So, exercise will help you be more active and live longer. Normally, if you do not use it, you will lose it. That is simple.

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19.     Control Stress

Most people have stress, at different levels. Nevertheless, not everyone knows what need to do to resolve stress and negative thoughts out of mind. They key here is to realize the important and meaningful in your life and how to utilize and develop them. Constant depression will produce more cortisol hormone that may impair the cognitive functioning as well as weaken your immune system. Thus, conquering stress and managing emotions and feelings play an important role in helping people improve the quality of life and liver longer and happier.

20.     Meditate

It is considered that the most powerful tool for getting prolonged life and controlling stress is meditation. It can clear the mind of negative thought and help a person focus on tranquility. Just 15 minutes of meditation can produce much relaxed state of mind than even a single hour of the deepest sleep. Even beginning the day with only two minutes of meditation could be helpful. Try sitting with your spine erect and quiet your thoughts; it might help you concentrate on one word.

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After covering all of the tips on how to live longer introduced above, will you apply these tips into your situation? If you feel this article of how to live longer is useful for you, then leave your comments at the end of this post to let us know what you think. We will answer as soon as possible.

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