26 best ways to break sugar addiction naturally today

Updates: 05/15/2014

As many complaints from a lot of serious sugar addicts who are struggling with their addiction of sugar, overcoming their sugar cravings is so hard, and stay off it is more difficult.  Part of the reason is that over time, their brain really become addicted to natural reaction triggered by sugar consumption. So, where does the battle end?

There is not a single-cure-all the problem, yet generally, the less sweet you consume; the less you will crave them. Here are the 26 best ways to break sugar addiction naturally today that can help you pull the own sweet tooth for good. Check them out now!

26 Best Ways To Break Sugar Addiction Naturally Today – Kick The Addiction Off Fast

1. Eat Regular

To overcome overeating habit, in general, and sugar craving, in particular, it is recommended that instead of eating three large meals every day, people should eat from five to six small meals or three meal and two snacks per day. For many people, once they do not eat regularly, the blood sugar levels will decrease, thereby they are more likely to addict and crave sweetened foods or sugar snacks.

how to overcome sugar cravings review2. Consume Enough Amounts Of Protein 

A lot of people make the mistake of focusing on sweets, starches, breads initially before consuming protein. For those people with serious sugar cravings, they need to try including more and more protein in their diet. With animal meats, you had better choose hormone-free and free-range choices. Also, wild-caught fish should be added into your diet in order to reduce the intake of pollutants. Chickpeas and black beans supply an inexpensive as well as toxin-free food source. Moreover, you can follow a healthy paleo meal plan to manage your protein consumption well.

3. Check Your Thyroid Function

In fact, low thyroid function might contribute to the sugar cravings. Some of the signs of this condition are fatigue, dry skin, cold hands and feet, and constipation. The function of thyroid could be checked via some quick blood tests with the consultation of doctors. Thyroid function will be worsened by low levels of zinc and selenium.

Check out the nutrition advice for thyroid problems here if you are coping with them.

4. Let Sugary Foods Out Of Your Sight

Normally, cravings will be more frequent and stronger when sugar is easily accessible or there is nothing to eat. So, it is essential for you to keep off sweet foods in your kitchen, and at work. Do not put the sweets in your shopping cart. Instead, prepare plenty of healthy foods or snacks to satisfy your own appetite.

5. Vitamin B Complex

B group vitamins can feed the adrenal gland that is very beneficial for human health. The noticeable benefit is helping your body response to the depression or stress. In fact, stress can drive your sugar cravings, particularly when the adrenal gland becomes more tired. B vitamins are also so well tolerated.

 6.Take Advantage Of Dark Chocolatehow to overcome sugar cravings help

In term of medical feature, dark chocolate contains antioxidant abilities that are able to help your heart as well as arteries. Look for a chocolate brand with over 70 percent of cocoa content. The richer content of cocoa is, the healthier that chocolate is. Thus, enjoy it moderately or dipped in the organic almond butter.

7.Try To Find A Substitute

Generally, you tend to crave sweets after a meal or in the afternoon. It might be useful to have something else there so that you can be ready to defeat sugar cravings. For instance, making use of peppermint tea can be a great idea in the evening, raisins in the afternoon, fruits or anything else you could think of will be easy and fast choice that can keep you away from sweets. In case that you must have “sweet”, then you need to find something which is naturally and actual sweet, like 100 per cent fruit juice or dried fruit.

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