Latest fashion scarves: how to wear – 21 new trends revealed

Scarves can be the best way to keep people warm, and help to improve beautiful outfits. A basic clothe can look updated and fresh with beautiful scarves wrapped around the long neck. Scarves will make clothes stylishly and successfully by both men and women. However, because people can find many scarves out there, however, buyers should know some basic knowledge on how to choose cheap fashion scarves for their own needs.

I. Cheap Fashion Scarves –Differences Between Women’s And Men’s Scarves

All scarves cannot be created equally for women and men. There are many differences between women’s and men’s cheap fashion scarves as the special accessory. Let’s see the list of these differences which our fashion designers want to share with all men and women

1. Cheap Fashion Scarves – Scarf Size

Although people cannot find any standard rule for the size of carves, all the traditional scarves for both taller genders. The men’s scarves are always wider than scarves of women. The width of all men’s scarves needs to be about six to fourteen inches, and the length about fifty to ninety inches. The man with the average height need to choose a scarf with sixty inches long, and a fat man should find out one simple scarf with 70-inch range.

2. Cheap Fashion Scarves – Scarf Color

The scarves of all men need to be neutral or darker solid colors. Some types must cover solid colored stripes. In contrast, the scarves of women need to be more colorful and contain more patterns.

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3. Cheap Fashion Scarves – Scarf Design

The scarves of all men need to be neutral in the design, including stripes, cabled designs, or simple colors. However, the scarves of women can add many fabrics or incorporate lace to add fashion to their accessory.

4. Cheap Fashion Scarves – Scarf Fiber

In tradition, the men’s scarves were made from wool or acrylic and rarely of cashmere, bamboo yarns, or silk. However, there are some exceptions, men’s scarves can be made from fiber, with the many color rules as long as the wearer’s scarves are happy with their appearance.

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If you are looking for different ways to wear fashion scarves, you should read the How to Tie a Scarf: 33 Styles book.

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