15 powerful job interview tips and tricks that really work!

Like exams, interviews require a great deal of preparation. In order to do well, people must assess their current knowledge about the position, study the employer, and predict the difficult questions. Besides, there are so many factors that contribute to the success of an interview. Job interviews are investments in your future. In order to bring the high possibility of achieving the job, you need to prepare, put your best foot forward, and smile. The interview is the moment to display your abilities and potentials to the prospective employer. This article will reveal to you 15 key job interview tips that allow you to be a serious, capable, and competitive candidate.

Job Interview Tips – Top 15 Tips For Your Success

1.      Dress And Appearance Preparation

The first impression you make on a potential employer is the most important one. 

job interview tips for teensThe clothing that you wear to the interview can impact strongly on getting the job. Remember that what you are wearing will give the employers clues to your ability and understanding to fit in with their own corporate culture. It does not mean you have to wear expensive interview clothing but it means that you demonstrate your understanding of dress and politeness.

For instance, if it is business casual, men can wear dress pants, dress shirt, and sport coat. For women, they can wear a pantsuit, dress, or a skirt and blouse.

Nevertheless, the more skin you show the less credibility you have in business. In fact, the most common complaint from CEOs that many women wear clothing to the office which is too revealing. Employers are not comfortable when resolving this issue with the employees. This will absolutely undermine your credibility at that job interview.

Less is more. That means you should not overdo anything in the job interview. If you are unsure what to wear, you should always go with the most conservative, professional options. Most experts agree it is better to be overdressed than dressed too casually. Pay attention to your outwear and take care of the details.

2.      Know Your Interview Committee

job interview tips tell me about yourselfOne of the critical job interview tips that you had better to follow is to understand about the committee. Prior to the interview, you need to project who may be on the interview committee. When interviewing, committees might want you to share your ideas about the reason to hire you. If there is a full-time faculty on the committee, you need to make them think it would be wonderful to have you work with them.

3.      Find Common Interests

You can seek for some ways that the interviewers and you are alike such as interests and experiences. Look for something you can identify. Ideally they are work-related; for example, you may both have a passion for solving tough problems. This approach can help many candidates get a position over other qualified candidates. Especially, you need to be sincere.

4.      Practice For The Interview And Prepare For The Unexpected Events

job interview tips pdfYou need to find the sample questions that may be asked during the interview. You can research the samples via the internet or you can visit the library to find a book about the interviews. Develop the questions you think might be asked in the interview. If possible, find someone to support you in asking the questions and commenting on your answers.

Good preparation is the key to staying in control. An impressive and confident response shows that you have prepared for the questions, have done serious self-reflection, and can admit responsibility as well as accept constructive criticism. Plan your route, allowing extra time for any unexpected delays. The more you practice and prepare, the higher possibility you can get this job.

5.      Nervousness Is Normal

Feeling nervous about interviews is not too negative. It is normal. In reality, being a little nervous can be useful, it can motivate you to prepare and do your best. However, worrying about being nervous often leads to be more nervous. All you need to do is to focus and increase your self-confidence instead. So, how you can do this:

  • Think of the accomplishments. Try to think of some things that you want the employer to know about you and start telling the stories out loud to make you more professionally.
  • Remember that interviewing is a two-way street
  • Build first impression in the first 5 seconds

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