How to improve memory retention naturally – 19 tips revealed!

A person’s memory is what stores, or retains information that is seen, heard, learned, or otherwise experienced. The ability to recall and use that information is also courtesy of one’s memory. There are times when people may feel that they are having more difficulty retaining information. So, the question is “how to improve memory retention”? Fortunately, there are learning habits that can be developed to improve memory, such as using mnemonic devices, repetition and practice tests.  In order to answer for the question of how to increase memory power, this article will give you 19 tips on how to improve memory retention that can turn your memory into a higher level. Let’s check it out!

How To Improve Memory Retention – 18 Must Know Tips

1. Concentrate For At Least 8 Seconds

It is proven that eight seconds is the minimum amount of time that people need to remember a piece of information. Eight seconds is more than just a length of time that bull riders try to stay atop a bucking bronco, it is the amount of time you need to completely focus your attention upon something to effectively transfer it from short- to long-term memory. Therefore, when you want to remember something, you should focus on it for at least 8 seconds.

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2. Do Not Walk Through A Doorway

People usually walk around the room when they cannot remember something that they should be there immediately. However, do you know that it just makes you more forgetful and go entirely blank? What you need to do is go to the new place that can restart the memory.

3. Keep A Fist

If you meet trouble to remember some things at work, you can try to relieve stress by clenching the fist. If you do it properly, it can dramatically enhance the recall of information. It is proven that if you are right handed, you had better make a fist with the right hand before trying to remember something and vice versa. You should keep that position for about 45 seconds before letting it go.

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4. Do Exercise

If you are looking for a really useful tip on how to improve memory retention, then exercise always is a safe solution. Exercise is considered as the most effective way to resolve most of problems. Memory loss is also not different. Physical exercise is important for your brain because it brings added oxygen and nutrients vital for proper brain function and also enhances cell growth in the area which is responsible for memory. You can do some exercises which can be bicycling or aerobics. Do them daily 30 minutes.

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