How to overcome shame, guilt and regret – top 19 tips revealed

Shame starts when we feel that we are alone, or separate from others. Two kinds of shame are: guilt and embarrassment, whatever they are, we want to remove it! Here are some easy steps that make you curious about and want to discover how to overcome shame quickly.

how to overcome shame and regret

1. Take Deep Breaths:

If you have a shame, breathe deeply and down. It will help you avoid some actions that could add to your shame such as saying or doing something unnecessarily. You may want to know how to overcome shame in this situation? So simple! Just take a minute to calm yourself down, and relax.

2. Grieve Your Shame:

When we feel bad, or do something wrong, and feel that we have no reason to exist, or even be respected, shame comes. A shame can be another type of sadness, but everything will be worse. If you continue to deny, dominate and try to avoid that feeling, you will continue to be suffered. If you want to be free, happy, and enjoy your life fully, you need to get rid of the feelings are buried in your heart. You also can cry to release your feelings if there are some shames hurt you in the past.

In fact, shame comes from the lack of confidence, so if you want to overcome shame, firstly, you need to learn how to be confident. I recommend you these 3 useful e-books and articles that will help you gain confidence effectively: 45confidence building tips, social anxiety solutions, and quantum confidence system.

3. Stop Shaming Or Comparing You With Other People:

Some people have a habit of comparing or shaming themselves to others. They tell others that they are dull, stupid, foolish, goof for nothing, or hopeless, etc instead of being empathetic or satisfied with themselves. All can make mistakes or failures that are okay! If you continue shaming or comparing with other people, it will debase you and unknowingly create a distance with others. How to overcome shame? The answer is that you must assess yourself highly!

4. Respond To Those Who Try To Make You Feel Ashamed: 

When someone tries to make you feel ashamed about something of yourself, reply them quickly and certainly! The way that you reply shows your confidence and then, they have to consider their critical comments about you. They may ask themselves if they are wrong or even feel ashamed!

how to overcome shame download

5. Connect With Our Core Value:

Sometimes we are too sensitive and often attracted by judge, criticism of others. As a result, that is often difficult for us to realize our core values that we still have. Connect with our core value is the best way in how to overcome shame tips. Don’t ignore your value and forget who you are! Maybe you are not good as someone else, but you are the one in the world with your own value.

If you are looking for a guide to overcoming the pain of shame, guilt and regret, you can read the Healing the Hurts of Your Past book

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