Top 26 scientifically proven ways to boost energy instantly are waiting for you to discover!

Have you ever encountered the situation that your body feels like a car which is run out of gas. And while your official workday may soon be over, your day probably is not. Or, when you start to pursue your dreams and to live your life to the fullest, the best thing to have is an abundance of personal energy. If you have that extra energy, everything will become easier to do.

To deliver this article, we asked health experts to help to compile this list of the top ways to boost energy. Try one, two, or even all 26 ways below, and you are bound to see your energy levels soar. These energy boosting changes to your daily routine will leave your feeling recharged. In the article, we cover many tips on how to stay healthy and how to stop tiredness that are waiting for you to explore:

1. Get Up Early

Waking up too late and having to rush to get to work can sap your energy by making you feel stressed. You are not going to be very productive at the job if you’re already exhausted when you get there! As tempting as it can be to turn over and hit the snooze button, allowing yourself time to eat, shower, exercise and generally get going in the morning will make you feel better all day.

ways to boost energy and mood

2. Work Out Midday

When that mid-afternoon energy slump rolls around, it is really great if you can go to the gym instead of going to bed. There are a lot of studies that indicate working out could actually enhance productivity enough to counteract that time away from the office.

3. Power Nap

You absolutely should not eat too full one times per day, instead, you should take a fast and tasty midday meal. A report indicates that a 60-minute “power nap” will reverse the consequences of information overload and it might also help you to better retain what you have learned.

4. Go Outside 

Many of us spend our days in front of a computer screen; many of us work from home and might never see the light of day without some discipline. Light deprivation is one reason that people feel tired. A research suggests that light stimulates brain chemicals that improve mood. So, going to a green park will help you relax yourself effectively. Just 20 minutes outdoors is enough to feel more alive. This is really one of the best ways to boost energy without having to exercise or consume anything.

ways to boost energy before workout

5. Walk Around The Block

The majority of you might think that whenever you feel exhausted, then it is the quickest route to feel more exhausted, the opposite is true. Experts say that increasing physical activities, particularly walking, will increase energy. That is why you should move more and more.

6. Do Not Skip Breakfast 

They do not call it the most important meal of the day for nothing. A sensible breakfast will give you the energy you need to stay awake and alert. People who eat breakfast every morning report less fatigue and stress than people who skip breakfast.  

7. Control Stress

Stress or negative emotions can take from people a huge amount of energy. In that case, you can talk with a friend or your relative, or join in a support group, or see a psychotherapist to remove your stress. In other words, relaxation therapies such as meditation, yoga, self-hypnosis, and tai chi are also good ways to boost energy.

You can check out the e-book of how to manage stress, conquer stress forever, and the re-awakening guide to learn more about ways to boost energy and reduce stress effectively.

8. Get Outside And Moving

A morning workout triggers feel-good endorphins and lowers elevated stress hormones. When you go outside on a sunny day, it is amazing how quickly your outlook starts to change and your energy level improves. Going outside can even improve your self-esteem. If you absolutely can not get out, open the shades and let some of that bright sunshine in.

ways to boost energy without caffeine

9. Let The Sun Shine In

Even if the morning sun is the last thing you want to face when you crawl out of bed, roll up the shade and let the sun shine on you. The early morning sunlight can send a wake-up signal to your brain’s internal clock.  Exposure to the sun can also stop your body’s production of melatonin, the hormone that induces sleepiness

10. Avoid Smoking

As you know, smoking can threaten your health. However, there are still some other negative impacts of smoking that you may not know about. It can actually siphon off your energy by causing insomnia. The nicotine in tobacco is a stimulant; thus, it speeds the heart rate, increases blood pressure, and stimulates brain-wave activity associated with wakefulness. Obviously, you will feel harder to fall asleep.

ways to boost energy naturally

11. Eat For Energy

It is recommended that you had better eat small meals and snacks than three large meals each day. This method can decrease your perception of fatigue because your brain needs a steady supply of nutrients.

You can check the healthy eating plan in this great taste no pain guide and super foods book to get more useful nutrition tips.

12. Laughter

If you really need to cheer up and increase your energy, then watch a sitcom for half an hour, or better yet, get tickets to your favorite comedy club. Laughter has been proven time and again to be the best therapy for depression and lack of energy.

In order to help you get rid of tiredness and be able to laugh more, I suggest you should refer the guide of end tiredness program.

13. Drink More Water And Less Alcohol

You may already know that it is easy to confuse signals of hunger with thirst. But do you know that thirst can also masquerade as fatigue?

The solution is simple: a tall, cool glass of water. Your body needs fluid to function properly. You do not necessarily have to follow the “eight glasses a day” rule, but you do want to drink enough water to keep your body well hydrated. 

14. Eat More Whole Grains And Less Sugar

The key here is keeping blood sugar balanced so energy is constant. A research pointed out that eating more whole grains helps to increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin, allowing for that slow and steady release.

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15. Edit Your Closet

If getting dressed in the morning is a hassle, you are going to feel stressed. This is not good for your energy or your state of mind, so arrange your closet in a way that your weekday outfits are in plain sight, wrinkle-free and ready to put on. To make things extra easy when you are in a hurry, pick an outfit the night before and hang it on the outside of the closet.

16. Think Fast

It may not sound so easy when those eyelids are drooping, but making the brain work a little quicker may help the body follow suit! Thinking faster will help you feel more energized

17. Sit Up Straight

Slouching over the computer could cause fatigue earlier in the day. Sit up straight, though – that is shoulders back, eyes dead ahead, and lower back slightly arched – to feel more energized and possibly even get aboost of self-confidence

18. Turn Up The Lights

Brightening your space tricks your body’s internal clock into thinking it’s still daylight, and can temporarily boost your alertness.

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19. Take Breaks

Multitasking is viewed as the way to get a lot done quickly. But taking a short break and doing absolutely nothing for a few minutes can help you overcome fatigue and actually get more done in the course of a day.

ways to boost energy at home

20. Flexibility Exercises And Breathe Deeply 

Stretching can help you maximize blood flow to your muscles. But, the benefits do not stop there: stretching also helps you improve your flexibility, which in turn helps work your joints’ full range of motion. The more your joints are exercised and used, the more prepared they are to handle impact and the less prone to injury they will be. Taking deeper breaths will deliver a larger amount of oxygen to the brain, keeping you more alert.

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21. Keep A Positive Attitude

Attitude is not something that just happens; you choose it. Even in difficult circumstances, you can choose to have a good attitude. And, whether good or bad, it will have a direct impact on your energy.

22. Take A Good Multi-Vitamin

 Personally, I don not think you need a handful of vitamins and supplements every day. But a good multi-vitamin is essential. If you eat a lot of processed food, this is especially important. Most of us just do not get the nutrition we need from the food we eat.

23. Avoid Energy-Depleting People

Let’s be honest. Some relationships are toxic. You know the type. Some people are so negative while others are so positive, and you may get energized just being around them. If possible, you should surround yourself with enough positive people so you can keep your energy level up.

24. Drop The Temperature In The Room 

Warm temperatures inspire lethargy. Cold temperatures force your body to burn more calories, pump more blood and generally be more active and energetic. 

25. Snack Right

Instead of going for the sugary treats, opt for a protein-filled snack like peanut butter or nuts.  Protein also has the added effect of “sticking around” in your stomach longer to help you avoid those distracting hunger pains later on in the day, allowing you to remain focused and productive – not worrying about your next snack!

26. Take A Cold Shower

 It is all about the polar bear swim. Researchers have even suggested a 3-minute long cold shower could be enough to counteract some of the effects of chronic fatigue. 

With these great ways to boost energy, hope you have learned something new! Well, learning ways to boost energy does not require much effort and patience from people; however, maintaining it is not too easy and it is the key to make you successful.

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