11 fast & easy ways to lose weight for teenagers that really work

Updates: 06/15/2014

Teenage obesity is a widespread and dangerous problem. With the increasing number of overweight children in a modern society, we need to find some creative ways to encourage young people to adopt healthy habits for losing weight. However, it is hard enough to get adults to take responsibility for their weight and health. So, how can we inspire teenagers who are also coping with the tumultuous natural period of being a teen to achieve a weight loss? This article will provide parents, in general, and teenagers, in particular, with 11 critical yet easy ways to lose weight for teenagers. Check the following tips introduced in this article out to help your children – if you are a mother/father, or help yourself – if you are a teenager – get in shape naturally and effectively.

Top 11 Fast &Easy Ways To Lose Weight For Teenagers

1. Forget Guilt And Blame

It is critical for you to make sure that you do not blame anyone for how you are now, both yourself and your parents. Feeling guilty about your shape and appearance is a negative emotion that does not help you get motivated to lose weight but put your mood down.

easy ways to lose weight for teenagers review

2. Commit For A Long Term Approach

Just look at what you are about now to seriously undertake your weight loss plan not as a quick plan but rather a change in your current lifestyle for a lifetime. And, if you are falter along the road to your goal, do not look at it as a failure or the end of the world because you have a long time to make some changes. For instance, if you hang out with some friends and eat a fast food restaurant with a large order of fries, then you do not need to feel guilty about your action because it is not your regular habit, you will eat more sensibly at the next meal. That is simple!

3. Set A Reasonable Goal

easy ways to lose weight for teenagers fast

Losing a half of one pound or one pound per week is so realistic. Remember that you should not drop the calorie intake to below 1300. You are in the period of growing – the important and deciding time for your whole life – so, it would be difficult to get all the important nutrition a teenager need in less than that. In other words, extreme diets involve in very low calories level that cause some negative changes such as unhealthy skin , hair loss, irritability, depression, loss of menstruation, and several cases of heart failure, etc.  Moreover, you might feel dissatisfied when eating not enough. So, keep away from an extreme diet.

4. Improve Eating And Exercise Habits

It is essential to think about changing the current lifestyle or eating habits if you want to lose weight. By this way, you also feel and look better, especially, you can lose weight along the way. It is also necessary to keep in mind that as a teenager, you usually go through a “puppy fat” phase in which you will increase some weights because of the changing hormone within your own body. So, if you are coping with this period, just keep up healthy exercises as well as diets to let the phase pass. For those teen girls who dream about having a bikini body, applying unique tips here will be the easiest way to achieve your dream.

5. Positively Deal With Outside Pressure

For teenager, they usually handle with a lot of pressure from friends, media, and even their family to look a certain way. If you are jealous of models or women in magazine, then it is no need because they are airbrushed and have access to personal trainers, makeup artists, and fantastic clothes. Therefore, be realistic in the expectations of how you look; you will feel pleased with how you are now.

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