55 Best Foods for Erection Strength and Harder Erection

51. Citrus Fruits

citrus fruits

This is also not an exception when it comes to the best foods for erection strength for men, thus people should make use of them. Citrus fruits are super rich in vitamin C. Researchers at the University of Texas, US said that men who consume at least 200 mg of vitamin C per day will have greater ability to produce sperm than those who do not eat or eat less of this fruit. In fact, to improve your sex life, you should consume a lot of citrus fruits as they are the best natural foods for erection you will ever find!

52. Blueberries


Blueberries are regarded as a natural viagra for men without causing side effects. It was found that blueberry is very rich in soluble fibers, so it can help to remove excess cholesterol from the blood before it is absorbed and stored in the blood vessels. That is great for your body because it can help the blood vessel walls avoid being sticked by bad cholesterols, which cause heart blood vessel narrowing. In contrast, your heart blood vessel will be expanded so that the blood will accrue more to penis, helping to improve erection. To achieve the maximum effects of blueberries, you should consume them 3 to 4 times per week on a regular basis.

53. Celery


Celery is also one of the best foods for erection and greatest sexual stimulants. The reason for this is because celery contains a high level of androsterone – an odorless hormone that is released from males through sweat glands, helping to make women excited and attracted by men. Therefore, you should consume more celery by adding this healthy fresh veggie into your daily diet. You will never regret about this!

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54. Cinnamon


Cinnamon is my favorite specie which brings about a wonderful taste and smell. The aroma of cinnamon not only helps men become more attractive to women but also help them improve the excitement in lovemaking. According to a recent research by scientists, men who smelled of cinnamon regularly have better erection of penis than those who do not smell or smell less. Therefore, you should make use of cinnamon to evoke your own woman right tonight!

55. Chocolate


Chocolate is one of the best natural foods for erection that many people in this planet love. It is also the kind that ladies often refer to as the food of love because of it contains sex stimulants which help to increase the sensitivity of the skin. However, chocolate also contains the compounds similar to the sex hormone produced by a man's body when making love. Therefore, to improve your sex life effectively and noticeably, you should eat more chocolate. Remember that you should opt for the ones with high content of cacao and eat chocolate in proper moderation for achieving the best results!

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This is the list of 55 best foods for erection that all men should consume more to improve their duration and stamina right at home without needing to use harmful and costly drugs, pills, or medications. These foods’ effectiveness is proven by science and taste really delicious so men should not hesitate.

If you think that my list of 55 natural foods for erection strength I mentioned above is exactly what you are looking for, you should leave your comments and feedback below! This list will help my readers who are visiting VKool.com improve their sex life noticeably and naturally.

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