55 Best Foods for Erection Strength and Harder Erection

31. Vitamin C – Rich Foods: 

vitamin c – rich foods

Men after 24 years have “downhill” quality and quantity of sperm, and vitamin C can make “aged” sperm come back with powerful motility. Food sources which contain high level of vitamin C, such as kiwi, grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, asparagus, broccoli … can help the adrenal gland secretion, antagonizing to the pressure. This is actually one of the best foods for erection that men should consume.

32. Fig: 

foods for erection

Figs contain high levels of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, potassium, and chlorine. This fruit can help to increase the fertility and has great aphrodisiac effect because it includes soluble and insoluble fibers which are very important for the cardiovascular health. Additionally, fiber content in figs can help you easily get toned and muscular stomach.

33. Olive Oil: 

foods for erection

Adding olive oil to some stir-fry dishes is not only for delicious meals, but also for more effectively digestion promoting, increasing the body’s heat maintenance. When people have sex, they will need to spend a significant amount of calories, and olive oil will help you maintain and stabilize the physical health and improve the storage of calories so that your body does not collapse while maintaining the needed balance. This is also one of the best foods for erection that men should consume more.

34. Goat Meat: 

goat meat

Due to the fact that a goat is capable of mating several times a day, people believed that goat meat and goat products can act as a physiological enhancing drug which can help to improve sex ability for men. This is actually one of the best foods for erection that men should consume.

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35. Walnuts


This is also another of the best foods for erection strength that I would like to introduce in this article today!

Walnut is a really excellent source of Omega 6 fatty acids and arginine, which are useful for the production of nitric oxide; thereby dilating arterioles and increasing blood circulation to the penis.

However, it is important to pay serious attention to some cases of diabetes which lead to erectile dysfunction. Thus, controlling and maintaining blood sugar levels, as well as keeping a healthy eating regime are really necessary and important.

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