55 Best Foods for Erection Strength and Harder Erection

41. Bananas


Hard men have healthy hearts. Therefore, to have stronger and harder erection, you should take care of your heart well. One of the best foods for heart and blood flow is banana. Every man should eat bananas for potassium, which is great for their circulation and heart. Getting enough potassium will help you take the full control of your sodium levels, reducing your risk of heart problems by stopping your blood pressure from hitting the roof. If you are eating too much salt and do not like bananas, you should get potassium from jacket potatoes or oranges. Thus, this is also one out of the best foods for erection strength that every man who wants to improve the power and duration in bed should make use. So add these best foods for strong erection right today and feel how great they would be for you and your sexual desire!

42. Chillies


Eating chilies is one of the useful ways to spice up your sex life. When your face flushes after eating a curry, thanks to the influences of the chillies, that is the blood vessels expanding. And, it is not just the blood vessels in your face will be boosted. What you need is a smooth, healthy pipework and strong heart because biologically speaking a hard-on is simple hydraulics while more liquid will be forced into little blood vessels in your penis, making it harder and easy to get erection.

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43. Oysters


Oysters are always the best foods for erection for men that are proven by many science evidences and studies. Of course, there is actually a reason for their wonderful sex effect. Oyster is very high in vitamin B6 and the mineral zinc – both of them are vital for testosterone, without which you would not be able to manage your sex drive. If you really do not like this grey shellfish, you should improve your testosterone with seeds and nuts instead.

44. Coffee


Coffee is never a great drink because of the disadvantages it brings to human health. However, the caffeine kick from a cup of Java will help to boost your metabolism, get your blood pumping, and also improve your endurance effectively by releasing fat stores, improving your energy level to last longer in bed, making your woman satisfied and beg you for more at all nights. In fact, this is actually one of the best natural foods for erection you should try to consume more before having sex.

45. Spinach


Spinach is incredibly rich in natural nitrates.
Those natural nitrates will be converted into artery widening nitric oxide by the gut bacteria and actions of your tongue (that is the reasons why you should not use mouthwashes because they will flush away the bacteria which need this process to take place).

Spinach is very high in vitamins and minerals, which are much needed for your testosterone and nitric oxide production. Spinach and other green vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, kale, bok choy, and Swiss chard are also good sources of folate – one of essential sex nutrients. In addition to the insurance for reproductive health, folate can lower the blood levels of a harmful substance named homocysteine. This abrasive amino acid encourages plaque to adhere to it and irritates the lining of arteries.  According to Japanese researchers, spinach is also an excellent of magnesium, which helps to dilate the blood vessels. Better blood flow to the genitals, when you have learned, will create the greater arousal for both women and men.

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