Natural foods for testosterone boost for men

foods for testosterone

The testosterone hormone is usually touted as assisting men maintain their virility and vitality, but levels of testosterone naturally begin to dip by about 1% a year after the age 30. Signs and symptoms that your testosterone can be declining rapidly include decreased sex drive, loss of energy, trouble sleeping and anger or irritation.

Testosterone supplementation and drugs may be become somewhat of the controversial cottage industry in many countries. However, there are a lot of tried & true drug-free, plus hormone-free ways for maintaining testosterone level. Hence, why don’t you try these ways to improve your testosterone levels naturally? In this article, I’m going to show you a list of top natural foods for testosterone boost. Check out all of these foods in the line of Sexual Health on VKool site right now!

45 Natural Foods For Testosterone Boost Men Should Know

1. Salmon

foods for testosterone

When it comes to foods for testosterone, think about wild fish immediately! Protein and omega-3 fatty acids both can boost testosterone levels. Salmon has higher levels of these nutrients than other fish. Also the male reproductive system needs omega-3s and protein for proper function and health. Researchers have found a significant boost in testosterone in men taking omega-3s, vitamin protein supplements compared to men who did not.

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2. Tuna

foods for testosterone

Next to wild fish that’s good for men, this is tuna. It is high in vitamin D, low in calories and good for heart health. No mater what way you choose to eat tuna (fresh or canned), consuming this fish is a natural way to boost testosterone in men. Just a serving of the tuna fish can help fulfill your vitamin D need everyday.

If you don’t really like tuna, you can consider other sources of vitamin D, like sardines or salmon. Keep in mind that the moderation is the key. Eating too many vitamin D supplements or omega-3 fatty acids as a fishy source can increase higher risk for some health problems, even prostate cancer.

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3. Egg Yolks

foods for testosterone

Egg yolks are rich in vitamin D that can support men in increasing their testosterone. While cholesterol gains a bad rap, the egg yolk has more nutrients than the egg white. Moreover, the cholesterol in egg yolks may cause decreased the testosterone hormone. As long as men do not have any pre-existing cholesterol problem, they can eat 1 egg per day safely.

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