Natural foods for testosterone boost for men

36. Kelp

foods for testosterone

Scientific evidence suggests that kelp can delay the estrogen production in the body. Hence, it’s great for men to consume this sea vegetable more often.  Obviously, the lowered levels of estrogen and its activity can help boost testosterone levels. Men should not hesitate to enjoy this vegetable if it is available in their living places.

37. Watermelon

foods for testosterone

This water-based fruit has a healthy compound, called citrulline. It is proven that watermelon can help increase the blood flow and improve the erection frequency in men. Erection, on the other hand can help increase testosterone, and thanks to the better blood flow, more nutrients can be delivered to androgen receptors. Also, seeds of watermelon are considered highly androgenic. Thus, enjoy this red fruit for a great boost in nitric oxide and testosterone.

38. Spinach

foods for testosterone

The captain Popeye really knew benefits of spinach before you.

Scientifically, this vegetable is considered an anti-estrogenic. Moreover, it contains essential vitamins & minerals for the testosterone production, including huge amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A and magnesium.

39. Cabbage

foods for testosterone

Cabbage is in the family of crusiferous vegetables that are high in indole-3-carbinol compound. Cabbage is also high vitamin C that is known to reduce the cortisol levels in men while improving your testosterone levels for better sex drive.

40. Animal Heart

foods for testosterone

It is proven that heart from animals, like cow and lamb contains thiamine, phosphorus, folate, zinc, vitamin B complex and selenium. Those nutrients make animal hearts beneficial foods to boost testosterone for sure.

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