Natural foods for testosterone boost for men

41. Nettle Roots

foods for testosterone

Next to powerful foods for testosterone, try nettle roots. They are great help in the removal of estrogen that in turn cause an increase of testosterone. It’s been found that the nettle root can block sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), and huge levels of this SHBG are connected with the lower testosterone. The Nettle roots also have the indole-3-carbinol compound, as some other foods mentioned above.

42. Honey

foods for testosterone

Honey has large amounts of healthy enzymes. Archeogolists have found this food remained edible in the tombs of Faraon. Also, honey is very rich in bromelain, which is mentioned above for its benefits for better sexual health.

43. Raisins

foods for testosterone

Raisins are a good source of potassium, vitamin B and magnesium. Yet the main thing making raisins the top ingredient for boosting testosterone is mineral, called boron. This mineral has been found to boost testosterone level naturally and significantly.

44. Almonds

foods for testosterone

Almonds can help boost the nitric oxide production that can lead to better blood flow and more frequent erections in men. In addition, almonds are rich in vitamin E that is linked to an increase in testosterone levels.

45. High Quality Salt Or Himalayan Crystal Salt

foods for testosterone

We are not discussing about the processed table salt because this contains just 2 minerals that are worthless to human’s body. Instead, men should consume Himalayan crystal salt or high quality sea salt as they aren’t processed one in any way and they contain over 50 minerals that are good for sexual health as well as overall health.

I’ve shown you top 45 natural foods for testosterone boost for men. Hope that men can make use of all these healthy foods to increase their testosterone levels for their better sexual health and overall health. Comment on this article, share it or give us a thump up below!

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