Natural foods for testosterone boost for men

26. Garlic

foods for testosterone

Garlic can help lower cortisol levels that work by elevating testosterone levels effectively. This spice has been studied recently with their high protein so that it can help increase testosterone levels. Simply, add one or more than that of garlic cloves to your daily meal, or consume garlic oil. This is a simple yet effective way to boost your immunity and boost your testosterone production naturally.

27. Broccoli

foods for testosterone

Broccoli vegetable is the next vegetable on the list of foods for testosterone boost. Just like cauliflower and brussel sprouts mentioned above, broccoli also loaded with indole-3-carbinol that is linked to decreased estrogen levels.

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28. Onion

foods for testosterone

A study made in animal in Iran found out that animals fed with the onion juice tripled their testosterone. They also shown that the luteinizing hormone, sperm quality and follicle stimulating hormone, all increased. For this reason, pay attention to this food and consume it more often for your better sexual health and better sex drive.

29. Ginger

foods for testosterone

In a study made by Iranian researchers, they saw a significant improvement in the testosterone levels in men consuming ginger. There was also an animal study indicated that testosterone levels in rats doubled when they were fed with ginger juice.

30. Pomegranate

foods for testosterone

In a Turkish study, researchers found that pomegranate fruit can help improve motility, volume and sperm quality in rats. Another study suggests that this fruit can help boost testosterone levels by 22%.

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