Natural foods for testosterone boost for men

31. Parsley

foods for testosterone

Next to green foods for testosterone improvement, try parsley. This contains a type of flavonoid, called apigening. This flavonoid has been proven to increase testosterone levels naturally. About 100 grams of this vegetable contain about 300 milligrams of the flavonoid apigening. This dose is good enough to boost testosterone levels in men significantly.

32. Cayenne Pepper

foods for testosterone

This spice is high in capsaicin for burning excessive fat. Moreover, it also creates a great boost in testosterone improvement. There were some animal studies in Turkey shown similar effects. If you love spice foods, consider adding cayenne pepper into your foods for your better testosterone boost.

33. Sauerkraut

foods for testosterone

Sauerkraut is loaded with healthy gut bacteria and vitamin K2 as natural and friendly testosterone boosters. Learn to cook sauerkraut recipes and enjoy this delicious dish. Then, it will benefit you for your better sexual health and overall health improvement.

34. Kefir

foods for testosterone

Have you tried kefir? This fermented food has a high dose of vitamin K2 that was proven to increase testosterone production. So, consider consuming more kefir like yogurt for your improved testosterone levels and your strengthened immune system.

35. Mangosteen

foods for testosterone

Mangosteen is cool and sweet. This fruit contains compounds with very high anti-oestrogenic effects. These components not only make your body harder and dryer, but they also boost your testosterone at the same time. This is the reason why you should consume more this fruit for boosting your testosterone production naturally.

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