Foods That Increase Sex Drive Naturally In Males And Females

4. Oysters

foods that increase sex drive

Oysters are among the classic aphrodisiacs. They contain zinc that raises testosterone and sperm production. Oysters are also high dopamine. This hormone is believed to work for increasing libido.
To enjoy this sex enhancing food, firstly scrub their shells thoroughly to remove any bacteria and dirt off. Next, pry them open with oyster knifes. Then, place the oysters on an ice bed, squeeze a little fresh lemon, spice, herbs if you like, then start sucking.

5. Fatty Fish

foods that increase sex drive

Fatty fish like salmon, sardines, tuna and mackerel should figure into your meal rotation weekly. The omega-3 fatty acids – EPA and DHA found in fatty fish help raise dopamine levels in human brain, which trigger arousal. In addition, fatty fish contain anti-inflammatory properties so that they can help fight off heart arrhythmias, blood clots for better brain function, also for the extra protection against dementia. Recent studies from the University of Pittsburgh have shown that the omega-3s can reduce symptoms and signs of depression. Participant in the research with high omega-3s blood levels were more agreeable and happier. As a result, they helped them get more sex. Moreover, fish is healthy food that is high in L-arginine. This amino acid can help release more growth hormone and it is converted into the nitric oxide in human body. It's important to know that nitric oxide is very critical for men’s erections and it also improves sexual function in women by causing the blood vessels to open wider for their improved blood flows.

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6. Bananas


Bananas is rich in the bromelain enzyme that is believed to boost libido as well as reverse the impotence in men. Furthermore, bananas are great sources of vitamin B complex, potassium for boosting energy levels in the body.

The best way to enjoy this sex boosting fruit is to place them on a plate in different states of “undress”, then have your partner eat some for you slowly. Gobble yours down, and get to work!

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