Foods That Increase Sex Drive Naturally In Males And Females

10. Almonds

foods that increase sex drive

Almonds and other nuts are a good source of fatty acids. These are essential as they provide us with raw material for the production of male hormones. Moreover, the smell of almonds is believed to purport the arouse passion in women. For this, you can light some almond-scented candles for encouraging your partner’s mood and also snack on some nuts that can help store up your energy for better performance.

To enjoy these libido nuts, eat them raw without adding sugar or salt. In another way, crush fresh almonds, next sprinkle them on a salad, eat and get energy you need.

11. Oatmeal


Next to common yet super foods that increase sex drive, consider consuming oatmeal gradually.
Consuming oatmeal is a natural way to increase testosterone in men. This male hormone as you know plays an important role in orgasm strength and sex drive in males. Oats are rich in L-arginine. This amino acid enhances effects of nitric oxide that are responsible for reducing the blood vessel stiffness. Also, L-arginine can be used to improve the erectile dysfunction. Like Viagra, L-arginine assists relax body muscles around the blood vessels in penis. As they dilate, the blood flow increases, thereby, men can maintain their erections. Oats and some whole grains such as whole-grain bread, barley and brown rice also qualified as better-for-the-gut and good-for-the-heart foods. They are, complex and slow-burning carbohydrates, hence they do not drive the blood sugar through its roof. Consider consuming a bowl of oatmeal with bananas, fresh berries and milk or honey before your marathon sex session.

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12. Mangoes


Mango is well-known as the king of fruits for its energy supply. And when you make love, you of course need more energy for it. Thus, it’s a great idea for you to enjoy some mango slices before sex. When it comes to ways to enjoy foods that increase sex drive, try dribbling mangoes over your body, lick up the residue like an erotic game. It’s a tasty and fantastic way to discover your partner’s body, too. Or, you can feed your partner while she or he is giving you oral sex.

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