Foods That Increase Sex Drive Naturally In Males And Females

13. Beans  


Protein is very important for weight maintenance, so you should consume proper amount of health sources of protein in your daily meals. Also, proteins help boost metabolism during digestion and aid in building muscle. In fact, muscles are more active than your body fat, so the more lean muscles you have, the better you are at burning calories. So, what source of protein you consume? You can get protein from meat and eggs, but legumes like beans are also rich in protein that’s good for building your muscle and enhance your muscle for your better sex drive. There are different types of beans you can consume such as black beans, garbanzos, navy beans, kidney beans and so on. All of the beans are rich in muscle building protein.

Many studies indicate that bean eaters are healthier and leaner than those who do not eat these legumes. According to a study in the Journal of College of Nutrition, US., participants who ate 3/4 cup beans a day had smaller waists and lower blood pressure than those who got their protein from other sources such as protein supplements and meat. Beans also contain cholesterol lowering soluble fiber. Just ¼ cup of red kidney beans provide about 3 g of fiber, and over 6,000 disease-fighting antioxidants. Besides, navy beans are high in potassium and it can help regulate heart contractions and blood pressure level.

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14. Eggs

foods that increase sex drive

When it comes to top foods that increase sex drive, this is egg. Eggs are rich in vitamin B complex so they help fight stress and balance hormone levels, the 2 things crucial to libido level and sexual health in both males and females. Eggs are also considered symbols of rebirth and fertility. Many people eat raw chicken eggs for increasing energy fast and boosting libido.

To enjoy eggs as sexual enhancing foods, have some champagne and caviar during your sex, or you can gobble down some boiled eggs beforehand.

15. Animal Livers

foods that increase sex drive

Animal livers contain glutamine that aids the immune system to work well, thereby increasing your decreased libido. Granted, liver dishes are not sexy foods but if you add them into your diet, your body and your partner will thank you much!

To enjoy animal livers among foods that increase sex drive, fry up liver in a hot with vegetable oil, some spices, onion and eat hot with some vegetables.

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