What foods to avoid during pregnancy – a detailed list

Updates: 07/3/2014

Pregnancy can make women much more susceptible to all infections and any illnesses that is reason why all expectant moms don’t want to get any risks for their baby with potentially harmful bacteria. During the long pregnancy there are a lot of things that can stress all the mothers out, including detailed list of 20 unhealthy foods to avoid during pregnancy. Unluckily, all advice mothers hear from family, friends, and even many strangers about what should and shouldn’t eat for a safe pregnancy can make you confuse.

Here is list of what foods to avoid during pregnancy because all of them can contain the high bacteria levels:

Detailed List Of What Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

1. Unpasteurized Juice

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All moms should stay far away from the unpasteurized juice (like cider) which was sold at the farm stands; this kind of juice may not have a processing method, and undergone pasteurization which can kill toxins and bacteria.

Though today the majority of juice and milk sold in all stores were pasteurized, but some of them are still on shelves without undergone pasteurization, or read labels. All women should notice some unhealthy foods to avoid during pregnancy; they can choose healthy food for all pregnant women and their baby with well wash fresh, frozen, canned, dried or juiced product.

2. Some Varieties Of Fish 

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Fish can boast omega-3 – good fatty acids which can help the development of baby’s brain, and fish is also a good meal choice for all pregnant women. But some kind of fish must be shunned because of high levels of the methyl-mercury, the high level of pollutant that will harm the baby’s nervous system. These kinds contain swordfish, tilefish, and shark, or all big species that can live longer, and may accumulate more mercury in the flesh. All mothers want to avoid these kinds of fish totally during their childbearing years due to their body stores amount of mercury for up to 4 years. Before mothers want to eat their favorite raw bar as oysters or the local sushi joint, they should remember that uncooked and seared seafood is off-limits during long pregnancy, because the danger of ingesting parasites and bacteria along with the meal is too high. Therefore, all raw oysters, ceviches, clams, carpaccios, and fish tartars, along with some smoked stuff (like lox) are unhealthy foods to avoid during pregnancy, because they can harbor bacteria and illness-inducing parasites. Mother must make sure that any seafood mothers order is well cooked.

Moreover, almost kinds of fish can contain the traces of mercury; therefore, mother may want to limit all weekly consumption of the safer varieties. However, all mothers can enjoy 12 ounces a week of the lower-mercury fish as pollack, salmon, catfish, canned light tuna, and shrimp. Of these 12 ounces, only six should be from canned “white” albacore tuna, which tends to include more mercury than any kind of light tuna.

If you are pregnant, you should read a complete guide for healthy pregnancy named “Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy“.

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