16 foods to boost energy level, mood and fight fatigue

Updates: 06/1/2014

Nowadays, we have a lot of things to concern about our life: schooling, working, housing, earning money, and other social burdens that are exhausting us every day. We lack sleep; we lack healthy meal plans; we also lack time to relax. All of these things lead us to get fatigue and tiredness. Thus, we need to get more energy to go through the day well. The best method that does you this favor is consuming foods to boost energy and I am here to give you 16 foods to boost energy level, mood and fight fatigue

Top 16 Foods To Boost Energy Level, Mood And Fight Fatigue

If you need to “pull” yourself throughout the day, it is simple to think that chugging an energy drink or popping a supplement will help to recharge your body’s “battery”. All-day energy does not come from a concoction in a can or a pill. It actually comes from natural foods, which is full of nature’s secret stash of natural revitalizers, including fiber, protein, and complex carbs. You should stock up on these 16 foods to boost energy level, mood and fight fatigue; and watch how your body boom!

1.      Lentils:

foods to boost energy levelsWith the perfect combo of fiber, complex carbohydrates, and slowly digested protein, lentils will be an ideal energy food – one of the best foods to boost energy. You just need to eat a half cup of cooked lentils to provide your body with more protein than an egg, and even more than ¼ of your daily consumption of fiber for just 115 calories and zero fat. That is because they do not require soaking. You should cook them in a piece of the time it takes you to make beans. Then, you should use them to add more protein in veggie burgers, soups, and salads.

2.      Whole-Grain Cereal And Low-Fat Milk:

Eating low-fat milk and whole-grain cereal is an ideal way you can take to begin your day on all cylinders or to refuel your whole body after working out. Not only does it provide an energizing mix of slowly-digested complex carbs, protein, and fiber, it can be prepared within less than one minute. To get even more muscle, you should choose a cereal that has been fortified with iron – a mineral our body needs to form hemoglobin, responsible for delivering oxygen throughout the body. Also, you should not forget to add some sliced strawberries to your meal. Vitamin C contained in strawberries will help you absorb more iron.

foods to boost energy while pregnant

3.      Edamame:

Eating a balanced snack every 3 to 4 hours prevents dips in blood sugar that leave you lethargic and listless. Edamame could be one of the smartest picks of all. Not only is it perfectly balanced with slowly digested fiber, complex carbs, and healthy fat, it packs a whopping 16 grams of protein per cup for less than 200 calories. Plus, it’s rich in magnesium and B vitamins that our bodies need to convert carbohydrates into energy. Make your own snack packs by parceling cup-sized portions of frozen edamame into baggies. They’ll defrost just in time for a late morning nosh. In this recipe, we’re upped the energy-factor in traditional succotash with the addition of vibrant green edamame.

There are a lot of other healthy natural foods that help boost energy and beat fatigue quickly, if you want to know, you should read the Boost Energy Naturally book.

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