Top 44 Best Foods To Increase Blood Platelets Count

foods to increase blood platelets

6. Kale

Kale is also one of the top foods to increase blood platelets count that we would like to introduce in the entire article today and want people to make use as soon as possible by adding it to your daily diet right from today for good. Vitamin K found in kale helps increase the blood platelet count and help them not to stick to each other, so it is more effective in clotting blood. According to a study, there is about 1062mcg of vitamin K found in a cup of boiled kale, suiting 1,327 % of the daily recommended value of vitamin K.

7. Foods to Increase Blood Platelets – Tomatoes And Berries

Tomatoes, berries, and nuts are some foods that are rich in antioxidants. As you know, antioxidants can help to strengthen the immune system by killing cellular damages caused by harmful free radicals. With taking enough antioxidants in the body, the development of free radical will be slowed down, and the immune system may focus on dealing with cellular repair or chronic disease. Strengthening your body’s immune system with antioxidants may allow the body to focus on the regeneration of blood platelet.

8. Fish And Nuts

They are wonderful food sources of omega-3s that can help relieve inflammation in your body. This is also effective for people with low platelet counts because anti-inflammatory foods deal with swelling in your body, allowing the immunity and blood to do other things; for example, producing blood platelets. Besides, omega-3s may help increase the circulation in your body and reduce pressure in the blood. However, taking this nutrient should be carefully monitored because some fatty acids can prevent blood coagulation without affecting directly platelets.

9. Flax Seed Oil And Cod Liver Oil

Consuming either cod liver oil or flax seed oil can help you increase your immunity. In fact, a plenty of autoimmune disorders are the main causes of low platelet count. These oils also help in relieving inflammation and improving blood circulation in the body.

In fact, they are also on the list of top foods to increase blood platelets that you should not look down, but learn and then try to make use of these oils as soon as possible.

10. Foods to Increase Blood Platelets – Milk

Milk has high content of calcium that can help the body produce the platelets count. The calcium may work with the milk protein fibrinogen as well as vitamin K in order to increase your low platelet count. The deficiency of calcium can cause the body to use much more time to make blood clots, especially when you are dealing with excessive bleeding. Apart from milk, you can also consume cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products to get your maximal calcium levels.

11. Foods to Increase Blood Platelets – Garlic

Garlic is among one of the top foods to increase blood platelets. It keeps platelets count from sticking together and clogging the blood vessels, essentially thinning the blood. The benefit of garlic is more effective when its actual bulbs are consumed. In fact, garlic is another great food source of vitamin C that suits 71% of your daily vitamin C intake into a serving. Also, garlic works as an anticoagulant, so if you are taking blood-thinning medications or experiencing anemia should be cautious when consuming the garlic.

12. Beetroot

Another one of the top foods to increase blood platelets that you should know must include beetroot. Beetroot is highly-recommended for anemic patients. Taking a bowl of beets and carrot twice a week may help to increase your low blood platelet count. Also, you can drink beetroot juice or add beetroot to your salad or soup.

13. Sesame Oil

foods to increase blood platelets - sesame oil

Sesame oil is another one of the top foods to increase blood platelets. It decreases inflammation and damages, caused by the free radicals and simultaneously improves your blood circulation. You can try consuming 1-2 tbsp. of good-quality sesame oil twice a day or rubbing this oil externally on your lymph node 3-4 times a day. Alternatively, using sesame oil for cooking is also another good idea.

14. Foods to Increase Blood Platelets – Leafy Greens

Leafy greens such as fenugreek leaves, spinach, parsley, and kale have a high content of vitamin K and therefore, you should consume more of them when your blood platelet level hits the bottom. As you know that during an injury, the body activates proteins to boost up the formation of the blood clots and stop the bleeding and this process needs vitamin K for activation. That is the reason why when your blood platelets level is low, you need to increase the intake of leafy greens.

15. Indian Gooseberries

Indian gooseberries are also known as one of the top foods to increase blood platelets count. To get the best results, you need to consume about 3 – 4 gooseberries each morning when you have an empty stomach. Alternatively, you can consume Indian gooseberries juice mixed with some honey. Consuming this mixture 2-3 times a day may help to boost up your low blood platelet count.

16. Fish And Lean Proteins

A protein-rich diet is very necessary for boosting up your low blood platelet counts. The foods of the protein-rich diet enhance the blood platelet production and also are a wonderful source of zinc as well as vitamin B12. Zinc offers a boost to the decreased immune system caused by the deficiency of blood platelets. For the best benefit, you have to add some zinc-rich foods such as beef, chicken, turkey and crab to your diet.

17. Foods to Increase Blood Platelets – Pumpkin

When it comes to seeking the top foods to increase blood platelets count, pumpkin is another great choice for you. It has high content of vitamin A, which helps to support the platelet development and simultaneously regulates the proteins produced by the body cells. The regulation of protein cells is really important for increasing the platelet amounts in the blood. To make use of pumpkin, you should get ½ glass of fresh pumpkin juice and then add 1 tsp. of honey to it. Drink this solution 2-3 times a day to get the best benefit. Also, you can add pumpkin to your daily diet in some other ways; for example, adding it to baked goods, stews, soups, smoothies and puree.

18. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is also known as one of the best foods to increase blood platelets naturally. The pomegranate seeds are rich in iron just like all of the red fruits and they help to boost up your low blood platelet count. Addition to this, pomegranate also has high contents of vitamins, supporting you to gain strength and resistance and simultaneously fight against low platelet associated with some health diseases like dengue fever.

19. Papaya

When it comes to finding best foods to increase blood platelets, papaya is another good choice for you.

Papaya is a highly-recommended fruit to be eaten when the blood platelets are under normal levels. Apart from consuming the ripe papaya fruit, you can also drink the concoction made from the papaya leaves to increase your low blood platelets. The only thing you need to do is to boil the papaya leaves in some water, strain the extract and then consume it twice a day. You can consider consuming both the papaya fruit and the papaya leaf extract to boost up your low blood platelet count effectively.

20. Wheatgrass

Having a diet that is high in some specific nutrients may help in increasing blood platelet levels. And wheatgrass is one of the greatest foods to increase blood platelets that you should not miss out. According to some studies, wheatgrass contributes to increased red blood cell levels and white blood cell counts. This is because this food is rich in chlorophyll and it also contains a molecular structure similar to human blood hemoglobin molecule. So, consume 1/2 cup of wheatgrass juice mixed with some drops of lemon juice daily to help boost up the platelet count naturally.

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