27 Tips To Get Rid Of Man Boobs Fast In A Week At Home

12. Dandelion

It is another herb that helps in removing harmful toxins from your body, reducing estrogen levels and getting rid of man boobs. Also, it helps to break down carbohydrates that cause low-fat accumulation. Drink some tea by adding 1 tbsp. of dried dandelion to a glass of boiling water. Steep it for about 10 minutes. Strain this tea and drink it 2-3 times daily for a couple of weeks. Also, you can take dandelion supplements after you consult with a doctor.

13. Epsom Salt Bath

Taking Epsom salt bath can help you get rid of man boobs naturally. It can help you deal with water retention as it contains magnesium sulfate that supports the process of detoxification and balances out the hormone levels. Simply, add 2 cups of this salt in your bathtub and then soak yourself in for 15 minutes 2-3 times a week.

There are some other tips to help you get rid of man boobs in this article. Continue reading this entire article and follow any of these tips as soon as possible.

14. Turmeric

get rid of man boobs - turmeric

Turmeric is a home remedy to help you get rid of man boobs naturally. According to a study about the ability of curcumin to boost testosterone level [4], turmeric has curcumin that can increase the level of testosterone hormone. When this level increases, large boobs reduce in size effectively. Mix 1-2 tsp. of turmeric with water and then let it simmer for a couple of minutes. Then, you drink this mixture 2-3 times on a daily basis for a couple of weeks and you will notice the change soon. Also, turmeric is known to promote liver health and reduce fat.

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15. Passion Flower

It helps in increasing the level of testosterone in the body. Add 1 tbsp. of dried passion flower in a glass of boiling water to make an herbal tea. Then, you drink it a couple of times a day for several weeks until you see an improvement. Actually, this is one of the best ways to get rid of man boobs effectively that you should not look down.

16. Ginger Root Tea

Add grated ginger to a cup of hot water. Allow it to steep for a couple of minutes. Strain it and then drink it to increase the metabolism and burn the fat tissues. If the cause of your enlarged boobs is an excess fat, then this remedy may be helpful.

17. Reduce The Alcohol Intake

According to some studies, alcohol consumption can increase the activity of estrogen hormone in the body. In fact, the liver plays a vital role in reducing estrogens from the body. When it is busy processing alcohol, it cannot do its job of reducing estrogens. Especially, beer is bad as it has hops, which are phytoestrogens.

18. Play Sports

To get rid of man boobs, you can consider playing sports. Some sports for you to choose from are boxing, rowing, and swimming, so try playing these sports to boost up your upper body fitness while getting your six pack abs easily. Besides, you can consider playing racquetball, tennis, walk, or jog to improve your physical health while reducing the size of your man boobs. So, if you are trying to get rid of man boobs at home, consider playing sports to help you lose weight and deal with excess fat in your chest.

19. Do Cardiovascular Exercises (Cardio)

To get rid of man boobs, you will need to be more active and perform some cardiovascular exercises. Simply, walking instead of driving your vehicles or taking the stairs instead of using the elevator can help you burn excess fat and calories. Doing some types of exercises 5-6 days a week can help you lose your weights effectively and get rid of man boobs more quickly.

Do at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of more intense exercise every week. Break up your workouts into some sections. Opt for activities that challenge the body and what you like. Consider activities like jogging, walking, rowing, running, biking or swimming.

20. Follow A Strength Training Program

Doing some strength training exercises can help you increase your chest muscles. Adding muscles also increases your metabolism and helps in burning more fatty issues, which may reduce the tissue in the chest areas. You can do weight-lifting exercises or use your body weight with moves to build up your chest muscles and burn excess fat and calories. Start by performing one set of 8-12 reps of each exercise. Gradually, increase to 3 sets when you get stronger. Addition to this, keep in mind that it is not possible to lose fat in just one specific body area, so be patient when following a strength training program.

21. Follow A Weight Training Program

By following a weight training program, you can grow muscle mass, boost your testosterone levels and get rid of man boobs fast.

Some rules for losing man boobs when following a weight training program:

  • Use exercises like dips, weighted pushups, neck press to train your chest.
  • Train the biggest muscles in the body and some exercises that boost up these muscles include leg presses, barbell squats, and deadlifts.
  • Stick to 1-2 chest exercises, 1-2 upper back exercises, and 1 leg exercise.


22. Green Tea

get rid of man boobs - green tea

When it comes to ways to get rid of man boobs, you should not skip out the fact that green tea is an effective fat burner. It supports to remove harmful toxins from the body. Besides, it is also a natural antioxidant. You can consume it as a tea or consume its extract to help to get rid of man boobs naturally.

Actually, it is actually a home remedy to help you get rid of man boobs that you should not look down, but try to make use for good.

23. Lose Man Boobs With HIIT

Here are 4 steps you should follow if you want to get rid of man boobs with HIIT:

  • Use cardiovascular exercises like swimming, running or cycling. HIIT increases testosterone through a different mechanism to train your weight.
  • Push yourself at the top speed for 20-60 seconds.
  • Take a rest or go slow for about 2-4 minutes. This will get the full benefit of testosterone release and reduction in man boobs.
  • Repeat for 3-7 sets to get maximal lactate buildup. But, you do not do more than 7 sets because this can reduce the testosterone levels.

24. Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking plenty of water helps in removing harmful toxins from the body through urine and reducing the fat. The high intake of liquid helps in increasing your metabolism and your digestive system. Actually, drinking plenty of water can help you get rid of man boobs effectively, so do not ignore it.


25. Take Man Boob Shrinking Supplements

When it comes to ways to get rid of man boobs, taking man boob shrinking supplements may be helpful. Actually, there are a few all-natural supplements that can help to reduce the effects of the estrogen hormone in the body. However, before you take any supplements, remember to consult with your doctor first.

26. Have Enough Sleep

In fact, getting sufficient rest can help you lose weight and get rid of man boobs effectively. Giving yourself 1-2 rest days every week and getting 8-9 hours of night sleep every day can help in losing weight and excess fat on your chest. So, do not forget to follow this tip if you want to get rid of man boobs at home.

27. Fix Your Posture

This is the last but very important way to help you get rid of man boobs. Simply, notice your working or sitting position and then fix your bad posture.

For example, working with a computer all day may make your chest muscles tightened, thus causing slouching shoulders and man boobs. Also, your belly will be able to look bigger.

You should fix your posture to have a proper sitting position. Remember to do some stretching [5] when you have some rest in the working time. Moreover, low bar squats can help in improving your posture effectively.

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Hope that this article may be helpful and help you find out the best ways to get rid of man boobs effectively. If you know anyone else who is suffering from man boobs, remember to share this list with them right now. One more thing, if you know other ways that will help you get rid of man boobs, remember to share these tips with us by leaving your comments in the comment section below.

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