57 First Date Ideas for Teenagers & College Students

36. Watching Sunrise Together 

watching sunrise together

This idea seems to be silly but it is one of the most romantic date ideas for couples. That is easier if you live near the beach. Watching sunrise in the morning is a beautiful minute that you will remember forever. Try to do this although it seems to be stupid.

37. Walking With A Cute Dog 

good first date ideas

If you love pets particularly dog, you can take a dog for a walk with your friend. That is really a funny moment and you will have something to talk if she is shy. A dog is like a subject that you are focusing on and this is really a good point to talk about.

38. Jumping On A Trampoline

jumping on a trampoline

This seems so hard but you totally should try because it is very interesting and exciting. You can go jumping on a trampoline to get rid of stress or anxiety and have a memorable time with your partner. Jumping a trampoline is suitable in the winter days as you can play.

39. Watching Cartoons 

good first date ideas

Cartoons are funny films and you can have fun with your friend in a room. If the weather is not good enough for outside activities, watching cartoons is a great good fist date idea for your try. Have popcorn and enjoy funny moments. You can check some TV channels or buy some CDs to watch the favorite cartoons.

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