57 First Date Ideas for Teenagers & College Students

40. Going To Drink Coffee 

good first date ideas

This is one of the most common first date ideas that many couples choose. They are silent and romantic enough for couples who want to express their love at the first time. Drinking coffee with her in the evening is really a common date idea but you may try if you do not know how to do and what to do first.

41. Ballooning 

good first date ideas

This date idea is not a cheapest one but if you have good conditions, this is a perfect opportunity to get impress your love to her. She loves sky, loves the height and I admit that she will love all work you are doing for her. If you have not tried this activity, you should do because it is a good chance to challenge your strength.

42. Bowling


Bowling is one of good first date ideas for teenagers and college students. When playing bowling, you and your girlfriend can have a slice of pizza or a beer while you and she engage in a friendly competition. You can find a bowling center at your town. In addition, in almost entertainment centers or sport clubs, you can find easily a bowling place. Playing bowling is a low-stress environment; therefore, your date can be guaranteed to feel comfortable and relaxed. Having the comfortable feeling between you and your girl is an important element that will decide if your first date is successful or not. Of course, if she is comfortable, she will have more fun, and then if she is having fun, you will get a second date.

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43. Hiking


Getting some physical activities and exploring the great outdoors are unique and good first date ideas that bring your first date wonderful and impressive experience. However, you need to make sure that your girl is an outdoorsy type. You should know that a high-maintenance girl does not like going on a hike (for example, a martini-sipping girl who has the perfectly manicured nails, is not up for it). Nevertheless, for the cute surfer girls who you met at the pubs, this dating idea is perfect for you to choose from.

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