57 First Date Ideas for Teenagers & College Students

44. Aquarium


One of other good first date ideas I want to show you is to date at an aquarium. Aquarium is not only for fourth-grade field trips, but it also is a perfect place for a first dating. When going to this place, you and your girl can walk leisurely as you and she are surveying all of the sea life. In addition, the underwater creatures are slimy, toothy, colorful, and weird enough to keep everything interesting.

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45. The Theater

The theater

Do you usually go to the theater with your friends and family? Going to the theater is another idea of my favorite collection of good first date ideas. I believe that dating in the theater is more original than watching a movie, plus it is a little classier. You and your girl may get dressed up and then enjoy yourselves. In addition, there is typically an intermission throughout which you will get a chance to talk, unlike at the cinemas, where you will spend your entire time on sitting in the dark. In short, the theater is one of good first date ideas for you and it also is suitable for any type of woman. However, it is particularly well suited to art lovers and bibliophiles.

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46. Driving Range

Driving range

Plan a first date by playing golf is a unique and fun outdoor activity. Driving range (or playing golf) is not particularly strenuous, although, your first date does not need to become athletic to have a good time. The golf playing will help you have a great daytime date, because if your girl does not a professional golfer, you can help her with her swing. This is a great opportunity for you to get up close as well as personal. In addition, if she is a little more experienced, it is a chance for you and her to get a playful competition.

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47. Art Gallery

Art gallery

Make a first date at your local art gallery, how do you think? In my opinion, this will be a great first date for girls who love art and I believe that you and she will have a lot of art stories to talk. In addition, it is not a bad idea to make a little research on the exhibit beforehand. This is because not only it is good to see at least a little bit of knowledgeable, but it also is because you do not want to accidentally take her to an exhibit of the horrors of the atrocities of war or meat-processing plants.

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