57 First Date Ideas for Teenagers & College Students

48. Local Music Show

Local music show download

Do you like music? I believe that almost people all over the world like listening music, and I am sure that a music ticket will impress your girl. You should remember that the conversation is possibly the most important factor that decides the success of your first date. I think that the proper music in the proper venue will provide a perfect ratio of conversation to the pleasant distraction. If you do not want a stadium show, and you do not want the heavy metal or techno where the emphasis is less on listening than dancing, you can find a smaller venue that you often come.

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49. Play Tourist

Play tourist

You should sometimes take your hometowns for granted. You should take you some minutes to think about why scores of people possibly travel to your hometowns on vacation. Your city can have a lot of amazing destinations for you and your girlfriend to make a trip. You need to try to see your city from a tourist’s perspective. Then, you can check out your local tourism office that will provide you with guides and information you need on all types of events, festivals, and sights that are worth seeing. Finally, you can take your first date on a touristy tour around your city and see it from a different perspective.

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50. Ice-Skating


Ice-skating is very fun. This is one of good first date ideas in my collection. That is the reason why it makes this list one of favorite first date ideas. Ice-skating will be a great date for any type of girls who love to be active. In addition, if your girl does not know how to professionally skate, you will have a chance to hold her hands as you aid her in staying on her feet. This is a fun way for spending an afternoon as well as a perfect opportunity to discover each other.

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51. Try New Cuisine

Try new cuisine

Sharing new cuisine experience together is a great way for building a close connection with someone you love. That is the reason why if you are going to a favorite restaurant with her, you need to stop, and try to take her to a new place that has a little more adventurous. You need to check out new ethnic cuisines or something neither you nor she have tried before. You should know that the element of adventure can help add the feeling of excitement to your first date, and, who knows, maybe both of you and she will find a new favorite place.

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