57 First Date Ideas for Teenagers & College Students

16. Go To A Food Festival Or Street Fair:

first date ideas-go to a food festival or street fair

Who would not want to go to a hot sauce festival? Or oyster? Or pickle? The more unique and adventurous your date is, the better feelings you two will get after all. You can walk around, have some new sips and bites, and expose your secret love (or hate) for crowded places. At the very least, if things go awry, this is a very convenient place for you to run into one of your friends accidentally.

17. Have A Three-Course Dinner At 3 Separate Places:

first date ideas-have a three-course dinner at 3 separate places

Might be many people feel stuffy when they have to sit down for a long meal — especially on their very first date. For shaking things up (and for enjoying more types of delicious foods of separate localities), you should pick 3 different places for noshing at. Excited about a donut? Top off your date with a decadent, flaky donut. Dying to try the latest ramen spot? Split one as the main course. Know a wonderful place to enjoy tapas? Grab an appetizer there. You could even have a mixed dessert with many different parts from different localities. That is relatively tired after all because you have to move a lot, but it is worthy as it will bring about a lot of fun! Trust me!

18. Do DIY Wine Tasting:

first date ideas-do diy wine tasting

Sure, it is very fun while tasting wine at a wine restaurant or shop. However, do you really keep in mind the knowledge that the sommeliers give you? And do you really want to lose a relatively large expense on just a bottle of wine even the one you actually enjoy? Alternatively, you should try this: have each of you two coming with your and his/her own favorite types of wine (you can also try limiting the price for making things fun), arrange a date in a nice park, and pretend to write the description on the wine bottles' back when you try each type. Not a wino? You can also make use of champagne, beer, or anything else attractive to you.

19. Have An Ice Cream Social:

first date ideas-have an ice cream social

When it comes to having an ice cream social, I mean that you can arrange a date at a self-serve frozen yogurt shop or ice cream shop. (That is relatively social, isn’t it?) In addition to appearing as an awesome treat, it would also be pretty incredible that you can learn much about your partner based on his/her choices for topping. Coconut shreds and fresh fruits? Hi, healthy nut, it is actually a pleasure to meet you. Cookie dough monster? You have found a person you can pig out with. Rainbow sprinkle lover? His/her personality might be just as colorful.

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