57 First Date Ideas for Teenagers & College Students

20. Take A Cooking Class:

first date ideas-take a cooking class

Cooking is always a wonderful alternative to going out, but it might make you feel a little bit awkward if you go to a stranger’s house right on the very first date. Alternatively, you should try taking part in a cooking class at your locality and get your hands dirty. A cooking class is probably a little bit costly, but some deal websites often offer attractive discounted choices. Thus, you just need to keep your eye out as you would never know when that purchase (or the subsequent skills for cheese-making) could be right in hand.

21. Take Photographs 

good first date ideas

You may get a digital camera and take some funny and lovely photos both of you. Simply, you can take photos in the park, ground near your house or school, take some nice shorts, you will never forget that moment beside your partner at the first date. In the future, you will remember the dates that you have when reviewing those pictures. Through this activity, you may have good chance to learn taking and editing photos.

22. Shooting Pool 

good first date ideas

Many college students like shooting pool and if you want to learn good first date ideas for you and your girlfriend, shooting pool is perfect choice as the weather is not good enough to travel. Taking your friend to a new game, new playing place is also a good idea to change the dates. Who knows both of you feel more interesting with that game.

23. Wheeling


You may wonder about this way of dating, however, that is so funny you should try. You can travel to the landscapes with an old bicycle with your friend. No need to have expensive car or luxurious cars, just move and drive slowly and feel the peaceful moments with your lover with a simple mean. I think that you will never forget that memory.

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