57 First Date Ideas for Teenagers & College Students

27. Carriage Riding 

carriage riding

Horse riding or carriage riding is also captivating, especially in a nice day. Have a horse and a carriage and ride in a nice weather. If you ride after dinner, make sure that you wear warm clothes and sit close to your partner. This is a good time to communicate each other. Try this and feel how sweet it is. This is also one of the best and most interesting first date ideas for college students and teenagers that people can consider making use if they are looking for having a wonderful and unforgettable first date.

28. Karaoke 

good first date ideas

Learning unique and good first date ideas, college students or teenagers can obtain it as good suggestion for the first date with your lovely friend. If you are flexible people and you do not like poetry or horse riding or something romantic, karaoke may be appropriate to you. Particularly when you can sing well and you can express your love through love songs. Karaoke is also a favorable chance to sing and get happiness.

You will discover some other good first date ideas in the next part of this writing!

29. Hot Tub 

good first date ideas

If you are seeking for good first date ideas, you should try to have hot tub date. Just need cute swimming suite and you can have a romantic date with her. It is also suitable in the winter days and you will feel more comfortable as it appears in a private place. Girls may be shy or embarrassed with this date idea, but it seems to be unique that you should try to perform.

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