57 First Date Ideas for Teenagers & College Students

30. Building A Fort 

good first date ideas

There are many playing games in childhood and they are very excited to get fun. You can play building a fort with your partner by preparing sleeping bags, mattress, blankets, and sheets and produce a camp site. You can add some white lights for more romantic. After that, you can read or imagine some romantic stories. I think that you will get lovely and funny night with this idea.

31. Doing Couple Yoga 

good first date ideas

Yoga is one of the most effective exercises for both men and women. Especially, yoga has some poses that are for couples. You can check some centers or local community to register yoga class and participate in. Also, both of you can totally practice at home or on a comfortable space. Trying to do some yoga poses, you will feel and receive the benefits of this tremendous sport. Thus, this is one of the best first date ideas for teenagers and college students so those who really want to have a wonderful first date should try once and see how amazing their date will be!

32. Going To Bookstore

good first date ideas

If you are interesting in books that are a good chance to have date in bookstore in the weekend or free night. This is so inexpensive date and you can get fun and meaningful time with her. Buy some favorite books and give her to read, I think that he will love those books as much as love you.

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