16 natural home remedies for diarrhea in infants & adults

Updates: 06/17/2014

Nowadays, as our daily life always put “burdens” and stress on our shoulder, we often neglect some important rules of life. What I want to mention today is the healthy eating habit. We tend to stick with junk foods or certain products to deal with the empty stomach temporarily. Unfortunately, this “instant nutritious solution” usually leads to digestive related diseases, including diarrhea – one of the most common gut diseases that people are prone to have. That is why today I am going to list here 16 best natural home remedies for diarrhea in infants and adults that are proven to work!

Top 16 Natural Home Remedies For Diarrhea In Infants And Adults

Diarrhea is totally unpleasant and uncomfortable. This disease is generally no big problem towards adults who are healthy. However, if this condition becomes a chronic disease, the situation will negatively change. Or else, if diarrhea influences kids, the elderly, or people who are in weak health condition, it will be extremely dangerous. In addition, if you do not drink enough fluids, your condition will become more complicated.

In this writing, you will learn 16 best home remedies for diarrhea in infants and adults to keep yourself safe and healthy even when you are struggling with diarrhea. Also, you will find out what you should do in other diarrhea cases that are more serious.

home remedies for diarrhea for babies

1. Digest Fenugreek Seeds:

This traditional remedy is scientific proven to work only for adults. The safety of fenugreek seeds for children has not been recognized. To apply this remedy, you should mix water with 1/2 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds with and drink it every day.

Bring this mixture along with you and go anywhere even when you are suffering from diarrhea, you will still be able to reduce the discomfort and severity of diarrhea significantly. If you have long-term or chronic diarrhea, when the condition suddenly comes and sits for some weeks without being treated, you may have to suffer from an even more serious disease, such as a severe food allergy or the irritable bowel syndrome. If so, you need to go to see the doctor for good.

2. Make Orange Peel Tea:

This natural tea is a tradition ingredient that is considered to support people effectively in digestion. You should place a chopped peel of an orange (preferably peels from an organic orange because normally, peels can include dyes or pesticides) into a pot that is covered with a pint of boiling water. Then, you should let it stand till the water become cooler. Also, you can sweeten the mixture with honey or sugar for more flavors.

home remedies for diarrhea in infants

3. Consume More Blueberries:

The root of blueberry is a long-time traditional ingredient that will help you deal with diarrhea effectively. In Sweden, doctors usually prescribe diarrhea patients a soup made with dried blueberries to calm the troubled stomach. Blueberries are a great source of anthocyanosides, which contain antibacterial and antioxidant content, as well as tannins – the substance that plays an important role in combating diarrhea.

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