61 Home Remedies for Oral Thrush in Infants and Adults

20. Lavender Oil

home remedies for oral thrush - lavender oil

Lavender oil is a popular home remedy that a lot of people with oral thrush have been using to get rid of thrush at home. Due to its antifungal properties, lavender oil becomes one of the widely-used home remedies for oral thrush. You can add 2 drops of this oil into your favorite toothpaste when you brush your teeth in the morning.

21. Warm Water

Fungus cannot live in the  lukewarm or hot environment, so drinking warm water can be an easy way to flush out the fungus in your mouth. You can choose hot or lukewarm water and use one of them to swish the mouth a couple of times daily.

22. Flax Seeds

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, this food is a natural immunity booster, so you can consider using it as a home remedy for oral thrush. Flax seeds are known to be effective in curing bacterial and fungal infections. You can drink 1 tsp of flax oil daily or digest ½ tsp of flax seeds to naturally reduce the fungus.

23. Watermelon Rind, Mothballs, And Honey

If you want to cure your oral thrush, you can consider using the combination between mothballs, watermelon rind and honey. It can help you kill fungus. Before doing this home remedy, you need to prepare some ingredients:

Ÿ 3g of mothballs

Ÿ 30g of watermelon rind

Ÿ Honey

And here is the detailed instruction for this remedy:

Ÿ At first, you heat up the watermelon rind until it turns up coal

Ÿ You mill the mothballs

Ÿ Next, you mix both of ingredients with enough amount of honey well.

Ÿ Apply this mixture on your tongue by using a pad after dipping it into the mixture.

Ÿ Finally, store the rest of this mixture in a clean bottle

Ÿ You can follow this home remedy up to 4 times daily until you can see the better result.

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