How to be a good parent to a toddler and teenager

Parenting is among the most researched fields in the entire social science. The scientific evidence for the parenting principles is very consistent. In fact, it is not easy to be a good parent within a short time; however, if you are really serious about this, you will meet your expectation if you follow basic rules on how to be a good parent to a toddler and teenager below.

How To Be A Good Parent To A Toddler And Teenager – Top 17 Tips Revealed

how to be a good parent to a teenagerGood parenting helps to boost cheerfulness, kindness, self-control, cooperation, self-reliance, honesty, and empathy. It also helps to promote motivation, intellectual curiosity, and desire to achieve. If you know exactly how to be a good parent, you can protect your children from developing drug and alcohol abuse, anti-social behavior, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. A lot of parents base their actions on gut reaction. Nevertheless, some parents have better instincts than others. In fact, it is totally not easy to be a good parent that not everyone can stay well on the way of nurturing and educating their children. That is the reason why today I would like to introduce simple tips on how to be a good parent that people should not miss!


I. How To Be A Good Parent To A Toddler

1. Respect Your Child:

Your relationship with your child is the foundation for her relationships with others.

The best way on how to get respectful treatment from your child is to treat him respectfully. In fact, you need to give your children the same courtesies you will give to anyone else. You should speak to your child politely, respect her or his opinion, pay attention to what he or she is talking to you, treat your child kindly, and try to please the child if you can. Children treat people around them the same way as the way their parents treat on them.

Besides, you should let your child learn or do what they love to, such as taking part in a personal piano course if he or she wants to become an artist or musician.

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2. Explain Your Rules And Decisions:

A good parent has expectations about what they want their children to live up to. In general, parents under-explain to adolescents and over-explain to young children. What is evident to you may not be obvious to a little boy. He does not have the judgment, priorities, or experience that you have. Therefore, you should spend time explaining clearly about what you want your child to implement.

Besides, to make your child easily understand what you say in every case, you should keep calm. If you are in a terrible mood, it will make it difficult to talk to your child and you may make wrong decision in a while. Thus, you should learn how to end a depression fast or simple ways to manage stress.

3. Avoid Harsh Discipline:

how to be a good parent articleParents should never hit a child, under any circumstances. “Children who are spanked, hit, or slapped are more prone to fighting with other children,” an expert writes. “They are more likely to be bullies and more likely to use aggression to solve disputes with others.”

You should also take care of daily meals that you give your children to help them get healthy physical condition. Thus, I recommend you adding super foods to boost health and energy into your family’s daily diet. Or else, you should learn simple yet healthy meal plans to give your child delicious meals with energy and nutrients every day.

If you are looking for a step by step guide on how to be a good parent to your toddler and teenager, you should read the How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk book.

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