How to choose perfume that is right for you or someone

Updates: 07/11/2014

Choosing perfume is an art. Read top 27 tips and tricks on how to choose perfume that is right for you or someone as a gift and how to master this art.

How To Choose Perfume That Is Right For You And Someone

I. The Basic Tips

Although men and women have different types when they choose perfume, they should follow the basic tips and tricks for both to get the best results.

1. Think About The Price

When you decide to choose perfume, the first thing you should determine is about your budget. How much will you spend on your favorite perfume? The perfume shops will have different types with different prices for you to choose. Someone chooses perfume based on price. The highest price is not the most favorite or the most general perfume that almost men intend to choose.

2. Get Experience how to choose perfume

You can get experience how to choose perfume by doing research on the Internet, on the article, magazines, or even from the consultant. If you are still confused about perfume, you should check out perfume shop for the detailed information. The perfume shop staff will be willing to help you. Or you can ask the advice from your family, friends, and colleagues about the experience how to choose perfume.

3. Think About Allergies

Before buying perfume, let think about your allergies because perfumes are made from different types of flowers, woody trees, spices, etc. Different people will not have the same skin type. Therefore, let check carefully before you decides to choose perfume.

4. Choose The Most Convenient

When you do not know what fragrance you exactly like, let choose the most convenient scent. It means your perfume you choose is adaptable and enjoyable.

The second primary one you should take care is about perfume family. It means that the perfume will belong to the various types or groups such as Fresh, Floral, Spicy and Woody, etc. Of course, you know which kinds of perfume you are interested in most.

Let think about the smell, which is very important when choosing perfume. Actually, the different people will have different smell, and it is difficult to adapt to all the noses. However, let choose perfume that is nice on you or makes you more confident. Choose perfume based on your gender because men and women have different kinds or smell or the fragrance. Think about the age when choosing perfume. Teenagers will use perfume different from the adults.

5. Think About How Often You Use Perfume

Before you choose perfume, you should think about how often you use that fragrance. You use for daily works or the special occasions.

6. Test Perfume how to choose perfume

If you do not assure about what kind of your favorite perfume, you can ask the shop assistant about the test. You can use different perfumes to check by spraying on the wrist, elbow, neck, etc and wait for 20 minutes for your decision.

7. Think About Personality

Let think about your personality and your environment you want to show. Let choose amber, sandalwood fragrance for sexy type. Let choose the violet or fresh peony for fun type. If you have to go out for some events, you can try something like fruits fragrance. If you are a shy person, cinnamon scent is the best suggestion for you.

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