How to dress slimmer, taller and avoid looking fat

You are following a healthy meal plan and applying a proper fitness program. Yet, the weight loss seems so slow. You want to be slim, and now:

The solution is so simple. Just use your wardrobe as a powerful weapon. Though it will not help you lose weight but it will help you look thinner while you are slowing down your weight. To achieve your dream appearance, learn how to dress slimmer with top helpful tips right here!

How To Dress Slimmer – Slimming Advice From Fashion Experts

1. Know Your Body

how to dress slimmer reviewThe first trick on how to dress slimmer is to determine your own body shape. There are some common types of body shape, such as pear, inverted triangle, hourglass, and straight. If you acknowledge your own body shape, then it is necessary for you to keep the upper and lower halves balanced. If your body is likely a small-chested, full-hipped pear, then go for a simple shape on the bottom with a bold blouse on top. Those people with broad-shouldered triangles should consider more a fitted top and a flared skirt. In other words, straight and hourglass body types could use belts to stress or create waistlines.

2. Pay Attention To The Face

In order to deal with a fat face, you should embrace angles. Ditch the glasses and pump up the makeup, contouring the cheekbones and add false eyelashes. However, do not make it too extreme. 

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3. Avoid Undergarments Which Offer No Support

Thin bikini bottoms and thongs cover the bare minimum. It is better for you to use briefs, shorts, and other styles that help you pull in your buttocks, thigh, and stomach. These cuts will create a smoother, tighter appearance.

4. Use Body-Slimming Undergarments

how to dress slimmer guideIf you want to create a shapely figure and keep the excess fat in check, then take advantage of a body shaper. These undergarments will slip over the stomach as well as thigh and prevent these areas from jiggling around too much. At first, you might choice somehow excessive for casual wear, yet it is particularly useful for special occasions.

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5. Make Your Top Half Small

To create a smaller shape visually, you should apply these tips:

  • Use V-necks, such as tees, camis, cardigans, or anything possible. Actually, the downward diamond shape will elongate you.
  • Wear a minimize bra. The right bra will help you shape the silhouette by keeping the chest in check and the waist defined. You had better avoid such styles which might flatten you entirely or styles that enable the bust to sag.

6. Manage Your Middle

To get a slim tummy, fashion gurus suggest people to:

  • how to dress slimmer pdfPurchase a pair of high-waisted, super controlling shaper shorts. Shapewear can make you more conscious of your posture. It can smooth and reshape, but also helps you stand taller. Just investing in a high-waisted shaping bike short will help you slimmer your shape. It is really one-stop shopping for your stomach, hips and thighs. Yet, it is also critical to not purchase clothes which are too fitted in that area. Just increase one size then modify them according to your dimensions so they will fit you perfectly.
  • Wear jackets with such feminine details for drawing the eye upward. The best silhouette is fitted at the shoulders as well as bust and hits at the top of your hip.
  • Take advantage of monochromatic dresses. Styles like an A-line without natural break in the center could whittle the waist. Also, you could put a wider belt about 3 inches over your tummy. Use the belt in a darker color.

7. Do Not Use Too Tight Clothes 

This mention to how your clothes fit, not about the buffet table or your current fling. When wearing tops, skirts, T-shirts, pants, and dresses, such fabrics which gently graze your body without clinging to you can be the most flattering. When you wear leggings or skinny jeans, choose things that are looser on your top in order to balance the look out.

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