30 Tips On How To Get Clear Skin Fast And Naturally At Home

16. Potato

how to get clear skin - potato

Potato is loaded with natural enzymes which contain bleaching properties. Therefore, you can apply some potato slices to treat discolorations, spots, and blemishes, thus giving you a clear and flawless skin.

  • You just cut a fresh potato into many round slices.
  • Then you rub these potato slices on your skin and wait for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • After that, you remove these slices and clean your skin with cold water.
  • Do not forget to apply this once a day until you get your expected results.

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17. Make Washing Your Face In Every Morning And Nighttime

To get a clear skin, you should create a skincare routine. It means that you need to make washing your face in the nighttime and morning as a routine. Maybe you should set a reminder for yourself for 3 weeks. Once you can do it for 3 weeks straight, it can become a good habit, and it will be integrated into the daily routine. Using homemade skin care masks at night will help you prevent acne as well as fade spots. Besides, you need to change your pillowcases once a week, because oil from your hair can get onto your pillowcase when you sleep. So it is necessary to change your pillowcase to avoid sleeping on oil all night long and how to get clear skin.

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18. Clean Your Phone And Use Your Headphones

clean your phone and use your headphones
Your cell phone may contain a number of bacteria more than a toilet seat. So, if you put it against your face when you are talking on your phone, it may cause massive breakouts. In this situation, if you want to avoid acne, you can use anti-bacterial wipes to clear your phone, or you can use your headphones or speaker phone as much as possible when you call your friends. Besides, if you sit close to your laptop and then you let your hair fall in your face, you can cause breakouts. How to get clear skin and safe for your face? You need to sit a bit farther from your computer and then pull your hair into a ponytail while you are at the screen.

In case you have heavy forehead acne, you should use ClearPores, which is a total skin cleansing system designed to fight acne from the inside out and the blended ingredients make it one of the most successful acne products on the market.

19. Clean Your Makeup Brushes

clean your makeup brushes

Because you often use makeup brushes, so you should clean your makeup brushes every 2 weeks. The amount of bacteria build up, which happens within 2 weeks, will be removed. Experts say that the longer you wait to cleanse the brushes, the longer you are putting the bacteria right on your face, and if you do not want to cause skin problems, you need to have a frequent routine for cleaning your makeup brushes. Simply, you can use a little of warm water together with a mild anti-bacterial soap to cleanse your brushes, then laying flat to dry to avoid any warping, which can happen. Keep reading this report to discover other tips and advice on how to get clear skin fast and naturally at home in a week

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20. Avoid Sugary Drinks Like Soda

avoid sugary drinks like sodaFast food is one of kinds of foods that are not good for your skin health. Similar to fast food, you also need to avoid sugary drinks such as soda. A sugar surplus will not be useful for cleaning your skin. When you drink sugary drinks, you will get more pimples on your face. This will be difficult for gaining a perfect skin. Instead, you can use products that contain almonds, one of ingredients that help lighten dark circles and moisturize your skin. I hope that on your next skin care purchase, you will look for almonds on label of ingredients.

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21. Keep Your Body Hydrated And Drink Green Tea

keep your body hydrated and drink green teaHydration is an important key how to get clear skin. Many researches indicate that dehydration (hypohydration) can cause breakouts, because the skin can overcompensate and produce more oil than necessary when it is dry, which in turn will cause you to break out. So, everything you need to do is to drink more water. In addition, green tea is packed with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, so it can help you fight off bacteria and free radicals, which can harm your skin. You can try to drink at least 1 cup of green tea per day.

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