30 Tips On How To Get Clear Skin Fast And Naturally At Home

22. Sterilize Your Hands With Rubbing Alcohol

sterilize your hands with rubbing alcohol

If you are going to pop a pimple at your home, you need to do it in the right way. Firstly, you need to sterilize your hands with a little bit of rubbing alcohol, then you puncture gently the whitehead of the pimple, only enough to break your skin. Then you use a clean cotton swab, and press on either side of this pimple until it is drained. Finally, you can cover this affected skin area with a bandage to keep it clean while it is healing.

In fact, many experts recommend that when you get acne, you should try to avoid picking at it, for the reason that the oil and dirt on your fingers will make things worse with bacteria. If not you will increase the risk of infection that can lead to scarring.

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23. Use Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil And Tea Tree Oil

use coconut oil, vitamin e oil and tea tree oil

To use coconut oil, you can add it into your diet. This will help you moisturize and smoothen your skin. Another way to use coconut oil is that mixing it with baking soda to create a killer facial scrub, which will help with eczema.

Vitamin E oil will help you heal scars, but to be sure, you need to use it properly on your face. Everything you need to do is to dab some over a scar at bedtime and then allow this vitamin to work overnight. In addition, if you are difficult in finding a spot treatment for acne, you can try using tea tree oil on the affected area before bedtime. I believe that you will wake up with a much happier complexion. You will discover another tip on how to get clear skin at home in the next part of this report.

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24. Eat Healthy Fruits And Avoid Chocolate

eat healthy fruits and avoid chocolate

Berries are good sources of antioxidants and vitamin C. In addition, these foods have a low glycemic index so they will not raise your blood sugar. Maybe you know that sugar can stimulate a breakout, but eating berries can help you reduce the risk of pimples. Another fruit you can eat is grapefruit. This fruit is packed with a lot of antioxidants, so there are so many ways to find this fruit. You can use skin care products that contain the grapefruit extract. These products will help you wake up your skin as well as leave it feeling fresh and clean.

However, you need to avoid eating chocolate. Eating too much chocolate will be the cause of breakouts, because the acne is likely only from the sugar in your chocolate. In addition, if you are eating chocolate before your period, maybe your acne will actually be hormonal.

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25. Stop Touching Your Face Throughout The Day

stop touching your face throughout the dayAnother tip on how to get clear skin is that you should stop touching your face during the day. You can pick up bacteria from every surface that you touch from your cell phone to your keyboard to menus at a restaurant to elevator buttons, and other objects. And all of those bacteria will flood your face once you begin touching your skin. Everything you need to do is to keep your hands off, and you will see fewer breakouts. In addition, you can use SPF every day to help prevent dark spots and wrinkles, whilst dark spot correctors may reduce the appearance of marks eventually. Furthermore, before touching your face, you can cleanse your hands with rosewater that is both soothing and balancing. This water is great for all types of skin, and even it can help you get rid of redness, and calm any irritation, which may be happening.

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26. Follow A Simple And Easy Exercise

follow a simple and easy exercise

Exercise is one of tips on how to get clear skin. It is very important for staying healthy and keeping skin clear. Dr. Ava Shamban suggests that exercising for around 15 minutes per day will help you keep toxins in your body at bay as well as maintain clear skin. However, when you work out, you need to be sure to wash your face before and after exercising. You also need to leave makeup on your face while exercising, because it will mix with sweat and can clog pores; therefore, you should be sure to start and finish with clean skin. In addition, working out can help reduce stress and acne, because stress is one of factors that can cause flare ups in your skin. Everything you need to do is to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, and this will combat stress and make your skin be clear.

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