Disguised hypnosis PDF review – does Jonathan’s guide work?

How To Hypnotize People With Disguised Hypnosis

To give you a full picture about disguised hypnosis program, I would like to talk about it in 7 below sections in this disguised hypnosis review:

  1. What Is Disguised Hypnosis?
  2. How Will Disguised Hypnosis Help You Hypnotize Someone?
  3. How Will Disguised Hypnosis Benefit You?
  4. How Much To Get Started?
  5. What Will You Get From The Disguised Hypnosis Package?
  6. Is It Guaranteed That Disguised Hypnosis Will Work For You?
  7. How To Contact For More Support?

disguised hypnosis

What Is Disguised Hypnosis?

Disguised Hypnosis is a persuasion guide on how to hypnotize people developed by Dr. Jonathan Conard Groves. In this guide, he will provide you with many powerful communication techniques that you can get to outsmart others easily and consistently even when you are working at the office or in other social settings. Besides, you will get the proven and practical persuasion secrets that successful smart politicians, pick-up artists, and businessmen all over the world use.

How Will Disguised Hypnosis Help You Hypnotize Someone?

Disguised Hypnosis uses formulas, conditioning cycles, persuasion models, hypnotic systems, and social strategies to give you all necessary things to be successful in human persuasion.

The principles and techniques that were consisted in Disguised Hypnosis program bases on Hypnotic Frames that make it easy for persuasion artists to gain greater results with the least taken amount of efforts.

Disguised Hypnosis is totally not a therapeutic type of hypnosis, and it is also not a stage hypnosis plan. Disguised Hypnosis give strengths to people by gearing them up with psychological and shrewdness weapons.

Disguised Hypnosis does not use language patterns, and it is not related to the conversational hypnosis. Conversational hypnosis is just useful for the therapeutic purposes, and it does not work outside this setting.

For more information about this product, you can watch this:


Besides, our website also provides other writings that guide people on how to hypnotize someone. People can check out Raw Hypnosis, or Power Self-Hypnosis to get more knowledge about this issue.

How Will Disguised Hypnosis Benefit You?

Here is a list of things that Disguised Hypnosis helps you to hypnotize people effectively:

  • Trouncing your competitors and gaining more respect in the social environment
  • You can Know how to control life
  • Attracting more allies
  • Always being leaders with the awesome ability of persuasion
  • Gaining all the most favorable opportunities in society (jobs, partners, etc.).
  • Stopping the gossip and the unfair treatment by the colleges.

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  • You will know how to make conversation, and improve the way you socialize and your social position.
  • Extending your authority, even where it does not belong.
  • Climbing the stair of success quicker and easier.
  • Preventing you from being controlled and manipulated by others.
  • Defending your beloveds through difficult times.
  • Becoming aware of the persuasion tricks that others play on you instinctively.
  • Becoming a chameleon and converting your strategies flexibly if the leadership changes.

Here is something users said about this program:

disguised hypnosis

How Much To Get Started?

You can download the full Disguised Hypnosis package for an affordable one-time payment of only $99.99 for a limited time use. Do not hesitate, just try it and see the way it works for you. I bet that you will get desirable results within a short time! 

What Will You Get From The Disguised Hypnosis Package?

The Disguised Hypnosis program covers many effective things you can get when purchasing this package:

disguised hypnosis oder

5 DVD Disguised Hypnosis 

  • Session 1st: (1 hour 3 mins 08 secs): Disguised Hypnosis – Practical Persuasion Systems
  • Session 2nd: (58 min 42 secs): Group Management Foundations
  • Session 3rd: (52 min 08 secs): Breeching the Class Systems Through Hypnotic Pressure
  • Session 4th: (1 hour 5 min 47 secs): Passive War: An Introduction to Neutral Strategy
  • Session 5th: (1 hour 7 min 01 secs): Beyond Leverage -The 7 Components of Power

Besides, you also get an attractive bonus session (33mins) of the game: Philosophical Approaches to Seduction 

disguised hypnosis review

Is It Guaranteed That Disguised Hypnosis Will Work For You?

The answer you get is Yes.

The author confidently affirms that everyone will thoroughly enjoy when using The Disguised Hypnosis program that he guarantees you will hypnotize people within your very first week! It also comes with a 60-day Money Back Guaranteed so everyone can know for sure that it will work for all of us. Therefore, if you do not see that it is right for you, you will get all your money back, meaning that you will have nothing to lose!

So that what are you looking for instead of purchasing this product right away? 

disguised hypnosis

How To Contact For More Support?

Certainly! If you have any questions about this product, you should visit here support [at] disguisedhypnosis dot com for the most helpful supports directly from the producer.


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