How to improve your English skills – top 17 tips revealed!

There are various reasons why people from all over the world try to improve their English: for pleasure, for learning, for business, or because they are going to live in an English speaking country. Here are some of the most effective yet simple tips on how to improve your English skills fast. Check them out now!

How To Improve Your English Skills – Tips To Be Master In English

1. Create Your English Blog

How to improve your english speakingFor those who do not have to write in English, writing regularly can be a good way to learn new vocabularies they need to describe their own life as well as interests. Yet, the problem that many of you have is that you do not know what to write about. So, the recommendation is to write an English dairy. In a more modern way is to write a blog. The common topics contain your own experience in learning English or your experience when studying abroad, and so on. Whatever you think it is interesting and can express yourself.

2. Listen To MP3

This is a popular way to improve your English listening skills. Though purchasing music on the Internet is becoming more and more popular, not so many people know that they can download speech radio or audio books. This is a great way to practice your listening; also you can expand your knowledge related to different fields.

3. Listen To English Music

Listening to music when doing something else could help you get used to the natural rhythm and tone of English speed naturally.

4. Read The Lyrics Song

Along with listening to music, it is better for your English skills if you can learn the words of chorus by reading the lyrics of the song with a dictionary. If the lyrics are not given in the CD booklet, you can find them on the Internet. Yet, please note that some websites contain lyrics which put some errors into their lyrics for copyright reasons. Thus, you should combine listening and reading to check out the lyrics. It could be good manner of understanding how sounds change in natural, fast, and informal speech.

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5. Sing Karaoke In English

How to improve your english guideAfter understanding and remembering a song, the next step to improve your English skills is to sing it. Though some words have their pronunciation modified entirely to fit in with a certain song, most of the words have the same stressed syllable as well as sounds in normal speech.

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