How to induce vomiting in humans naturally – 13 tips

If you unfortunately swallowed something poisonous and cannot call for help, what should you do? Vomiting is the best way to get rid of the poison at that time. However, it is unfeasible to vomit when you do not feel nausea, right? Therefore, in this article, I would like to introduce to you some home remedies on how to induce vomiting in humans naturally. Hope that it is useful for you.

I. How To Induce Vomiting In Humans Naturally – Things You Should Know Initially:

Vomiting is not a disease. It is a natural reaction of the body to some diseases or conditions. It is a process that helps your body throws out things which make you feel sick. Aside from getting rid of poisonous, there are many reasons why one may want to induce vomiting once time in life, including too much alcohol, a bad meal or something that we cannot digest easily.

1. Is The Vomiting Necessary?

how to induce vomiting-is the vomiting necessary

This is actually a very important thing that people need to know before learning tips on how to induce vomiting naturally at home because vomiting is actually not a very good thing to do if you do not have any excuse for this! Why? It is simply because vomiting will make you feel tired, get pale tongue, lose your appetite for a while, become scared of food smells, get burning feeling in the stomach, and experience waves of headaches and dizziness.

The human body is an incredible creation of God. God created the best mechanism to vomit and that helps us do much more things for our body than we can imagine. In fact, the body can and need to throw up on its own when it needs.

Thus, it is relatively crucial to see if your body really needs to vomit or not. Someone gets frazzled with a short wave of nausea and go haywire for inducing vomiting; though there is absolutely no need of vomiting at all.

There are few ideal symptoms that your body starts to expose when it is needed to vomit, including:

  • Uneasy feeling in the tummy with a huge discomfort.
  • Excess salivation
  • Lips become pale
  • Seek feeling with nausea which will get worse when you move

2. Decide Place To Vomit:

how to induce vomiting-decide place to vomit

Before you make your gag reflex and throw up, you will need to plan the desired place to vomit if you do not want to see a mess after all. This is exactly a really important thing anyone needs to know and prepare well before inducing vomiting.

Throwing up tummy content is a fast and immediate process and once you start vomiting, you will no longer be able to control it. Thus, you need to find an ideal or a familiar place to throw up for a secure feeling. It might be your sink, your toilet, or just a normal bucket, as long as you feel comfortable with it.

If you are not staying at your own home then you need to keep yourself away from people around and their cars or baggage as nobody likes it when some random people vomit on their stuff.

II. How To Induce Vomiting Naturally In Humans – Best Home Remedies:

So you have already known something about inducing vomiting and the reasons that it is necessary for you to force yourself vomit in some cases. Yet, before reading this article, let me warn you, if you think you are fat and want to lose weight by inducing vomiting after eating, please leave and seek medical help. Forcing yourself to vomit is extremely harmful to your health. It should be used as a final solution in extreme situations. Here are 8 home remedies on how to induce vomiting in humans naturally.

Watch Someone Else Throw Up

Castor Oil

Drink Coca Cola

Make Use Of Your Finger

Use A Toothbrush


Salt Water



Sensory Stimulation

Try Bloodroot Herb

Make Use Of Emetics

1. Watch Someone Else Throw Up:

how to induce vomiting-watch someone else throw up

You might think that this is so ridiculous because it is impossible to find a person who is vomiting at the same time as you get nausea. Nevertheless, now is a technological era so that you can find a video of a person vomiting on the internet without any difficulty.

It is believed that seeing someone else does something can trigger the same response in your body. Therefore, when you see someone throw up, you will have the same feeling and want to vomit.

In fact, scientists call this sympathy vomiting. This is among the fastest ways on how to induce vomiting in humans naturally.

2. Castor Oil:

how to induce vomiting-castor oil

Apart from being used in the production of soaps, plastics, inks and dyes, textiles, cosmetics, painting colors and numerous other products, castor oil also known as an effective home remedy on how to induce vomiting in human naturally.

Castor oil comes from the seed known as “castor bean” because it looks like a bean. The seed derives from Ricinus communis, a plant which grows in most parts of the world. As a result, it is easy to find and make use of. A simple way to get castor oil is removing the hulls of the seeds and cold-pressing them.

However, castor oil is a strong purgative. It can cause dehydration as a by-product. So, you should not use too much castor oil, usually a tablespoon is enough.

3. Drink Coca Cola:

how to induce vomiting-drink coca cola

Coca cola is known as a home remedy for an upset stomach thank to its bubbles. Yet, it is also a home remedy on how to induce vomiting in humans naturally if you use flat Cola which is without the bubbles. Particularly, it is perfectly effective in cases of food poisoning. Drinking two glasses of fat Coca cola every hour and then followed by water can help you induce vomiting without difficulty.

4. Make Use Of Your Finger: 

how to induce vomiting-make use of your finger

This is one of the easy and widely practiced methods on how to induce vomiting in humans naturally. By this way, a wave of nausea which leads to vomiting will be made. Keep in mind that you might hurt your throat when doing this method, so make sure nail of your fingers are not grown and clean.

First of all, let your head points down in order to prevent choking. After that, put your index and middle finger into your mouth. Push your back part of the tongue until you feel an intense sensation of nausea and want to vomit. Then, remove your finger immediately. Remember to wash your hand with soap and warm water after that.

5. Use A Toothbrush: 

how to induce vomiting-use a toothbrush

As your finger, a toothbrush is an effective tool on how to induce vomiting in human naturally. The way you use the toothbrush to throw up easily is as same as the way you use your finger. This means that you use the toothbrush to trigger the gag reflex to make yourself vomit.

At first, you have to wet the bristles to avoid scratches. Then, use the toothbrush to rub against where it makes you gag. Do it several times if necessary. It is very simple, right? When you are done, remember to clean the toothbrush thoroughly or simply replace it with a new one.

6. Spinning: 

how to induce vomiting-spinning

Another home remedy that can work for people who want to learn how to induce vomiting in human naturally is spinning. You might be surprised but it is very effective. It makes you giddy, which leads to vomiting fairly quickly. Try it one time and you can see the result. First of all, you just have to calmly sit in a chair. Then, start the spinning motion. Make it go faster and faster until you feel dizzy. In fact, this is also one of the best and most common tips on how to induce vomiting that you should try if you have a need for vomiting right away.

7. Salt Water:

how to induce vomiting-salt water

This is one of the most popular home remedies on how to induce vomiting in humans naturally. It has proved to be effective time and time again. Mix approximately 3 teaspoons of salt with a 16 – ounce glass of warm water and then drink it quickly. It might take 20 – 30 minutes to work. However, keep in mind that too much salt intake can be harmful to the body. Use enough salt intake to get the best result and avoid potential risks. This is an excellent emetic and works like a charm.

8. Mustard:

how to induce vomiting-mustard

A very effective way on how to induce vomiting in humans naturally is mustard. Actually, the mustard mixture is so unappetizing. That is the reason why it makes you want to vomit up. A tablespoon of mustard spread into a cup of warm water will create a substance that induces vomiting or an excellent emetic. Drink this solution quickly. If you find it too hard to get it down, you can pinch your nose or hold your breath while you drink it. It might take about 20 – 30 minutes to act.

One thing to notice is that this home remedy does not work for everyone, just for some. Still, it is a fast way to help you get something out of your stomach.

9. Overeating:

how to induce vomiting-overeating

Overextending your stomach can also make you feel it is needed to vomit. If you are trying to induce vomiting on your own because you have ingested something foul or too much food, this might not be the best course of action, so is essential for you to think carefully before making use of the intentional vomiting method. Try to consume more healthy foods like bland starches, green vegetables, or fresh fruits, when you need a method to extend your stomach by overeating. Junk foods can actually lead to additional distress that might worsen digestive symptoms or nausea.

10. Sensory Stimulation: 

how to induce vomiting-sensory stimulation

Coming in contact with certain stimuli can help in inducing nausea and thereby can lead to vomiting. To stimulate the sense, you can watch a video of a person throwing up, and this will give you a nauseous feeling that can help to induce vomiting. Similar to this method, you just need to contact with offensive smells to induce vomiting if you are already feeling sick.

11. Try Bloodroot Herb:

how to induce vomiting-try bloodroot herb

Bloodroot is an herbal remedy that has been usually used by Native American cultures. It is extremely toxic if people use it with large doses, so you need to remember not to use large amounts of this herb but just small ones. Mix bloodroot powder with water and consume the solution quickly to induce nausea and vomiting.

You should remember that bloodroot herb is not an easy remedy. It is, again, a really toxic herb and can cause some dangerous and severe health issues, including foot pain or tunnel vision. High doses can prove fatal, so before trying this method, you need to consult a doctor for advice of the right and proper dosages to take.

12. Make Use Of Emetics:

how to induce vomiting-make use of emetics

This is the last but very important tip on how to induce vomiting naturally in humans that I would like to introduce in the article today and want you and my other readers to learn and make use for good!

Emetics are medicines that are actually designed for inducing vomiting. Syrup of ipecac is among the most popular and widely used emetics out there. When you take an emetic tablet or mix it with water and swallow it in a long gulp, the emetic will cause some discomforts to make you nauseous, and then it will lead your tummy to contract, making you vomit.

In almost every case, making use of emetics is an extremely mild way that helps the body in getting rid of improper things in the stomach. However, there is still something to warn that you need to keep in mind when you decide to make use of this method as a natural tip on how induce vomiting in humans.

Warnings: Making use of the ipecac’s syrup can leave a lot of unwanted side effects, such as a fast heartbeat, low blood pressure, a feeling of lightheadedness or dizziness, and the shortness of breath. Never give the emetics to an unconscious person, and never use them when you are breast-feeding or pregnant. Children under the age of 1 should never take this as it is very harmful to this subject. People should also never think of making use of this method on a long-term basis because it can really cause some severe health issues.

Bonus: Things To Do After Inducing Vomiting:

After you have induced vomiting, it is very necessary for you to replenish what you have lost. Therefore, what you need to do is to sit down for a moment, relax your mind and body, as well as allowing the nausea feeling to go away. Once you are sure that you will not continue to vomit, you can opt for one glass of cold water to make sure that your body will not get dehydrated. You should also clean your tongue and brush your teeth to get rid of any lingering stomach acid from the mouth which can pose some threads to the health and appearance of your teeth. Remember not to eat until you no longer feel nauseous and want to eat again. If you are hungry, you can start out with bland foods such as broth, crackers, or rice to avoid over-stimulating your system.

Vomiting is one thing that no one wants to experience unless you are in case of emergency. It is totally uncomfortable for both adults and children when vomiting. For this reason, I would like to introduce the Home Remedies For Vomiting In Adults And Children. This article shows you some ways to remove this frustrating symptom. All remedies listed in this article are proven effective by science, so do not worry about anything, just read and make use of them.

This article has shown you 13 tips on how to induce vomiting in humans naturally that are very useful for you and any other readers of Vkool or even people out there who are looking for ways to escape emergency like food poisoning. Hope that it would help you – readers of and other people overcome the extreme situations with ease.

If you care about the article, we are open to welcome any discussion about the topic. Leave your comments at the end of this post to let us know what you think. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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