How to make a good first impression at work or at a new job

Many of you know the old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Most of us would like to believe that we do not judge others. While this might be true, we still make assumption about an individual based on the first impression. Knowing it that assumptions are made after the first impression, it is natural to wish to give out best in the first moment. Here are top 18 useful tips on how to make a good first impression at work or a new job or at any situation that you can make use of instantly.

How To Make A Good First Impression At Work Or At A New Job

1. Be On Time

The first tip on how to make a good first impression at work or at a new job is arriving on time. When meeting other people, no matter for the first time or not, being on time is as necessary as breathing. Thus, if their first impression of you is an empty chair, you are getting in trouble. Time of other people is just as important as yours, so put yourself in their shoes to behave properly. The recommendation is to plan to arrive about 30 minutes early. It is better for you to be hanging around the place than be stuck in the traffic jam.

2. Proper Posture

how to make a good first impression on a classmateThe fact is, your body language can tell a lot of about you without saying. And, body language is enough for a person to make the first impression. Moreover, body language also reflects your own confidence. So, it is not a good idea if you show that you are nervous. Try to sit straight; do not droop because drooping is one sign of insecurity. Always standing straight and tall will make other people think that you are confident and strong. Another sign of nervousness is biting your fingernails when talking. Therefore, the best way is to keep your hands on your laps or on your sides when talking to other people. Keep in mind that sitting straight is good, but do not sit like a robot. Try to relax!

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3. Be Presentable

The appearance always is something that impresses other people in the first appointment. Therefore, you should dress appropriately while meeting someone for the first time. You do not necessarily dress like a model in order to make good first impression on someone. Choose the clothes according to the situation and the person you are encountering. For instance, if you are going to have a job interview, then you should dress formal. Do not pour the whole bottle of perfume on your body; just go easy with it by spraying a little. Keep your makeup natural and let your own charm be the temptation.

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4. Do Not Be Boring

how to make a good first impression at an interviewWhen meeting a person, you had better try to find the commonalities. By this way, you can keep up with the conversation and will not be boring to them. Even two people come from different cultures; they also share several common links. In order to make good first impression to others, you can make use of humorousness. Do not try to be funny by using stupid jokes as they just make you sound stupid, not interesting. You could talk about interesting movies, facts, or common interests. Then, ask questions and listen to their points of view.

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