28 Natural Ways on How to Remove Tattoos at Home Fast

10. Apricot Scrub Method:

Apricot Scrub Method

The apricot scrub method is often performed with salt to act as an exfoliation. This method involves mixing the salt and apricot scrub and rubbing on the tattoo. The salt is supposed to act as an abrasive and the apricot scrub would remove the ink. However, this method is only good at fading parts of the tattoo and not actually removing it completely.

11. Sandpaper Method:

This is the last but very important tip on how to remove tattoos at home with natural ingredients that I want to reveal in this article. In fact, this tip is very simple and you will not need to prepare too many ingredients but just a few ones that are very easy to be found and bought.

The sandpaper method, also known as dermabrasion is the method of rubbing the area and peeling away the skin. Most people who try this method use sandpaper and aloe vera to rub the skin and break down the ink pigments. By simply using sandpaper, you will not reach the ink since it is in the dermis. You will end up causing a lot of bleeding, possible infection, and a lot of pain if you try to sandpaper your tattoo off.

In fact, you should also learn useful tips to get healthy and beautiful skin because before and after the removing process, your skin should be taken care well.

IV. How To Remove Tattoos At Home With Cream – Step By Step:

How To Remove Tattoos At Home With Cream

These are a lot of well-guaranteed steps that you should follow for removing your tattoo as less painfully as possible and totally in safety. You should take your tattoo off with the following simple steps at home. This is among the most powerful home remedies that are well-known to fade a tattoo naturally. 

1. Making Up Your Mind: 

how to remove tattoos at home

This is the first step you will need to follow if you want to make use this one out of the most effective tips on how to remove tattoos at home naturally and effectively – removing tattoos with cream.

You should ensure that you really want to remove your tattoo and that you will not regret about it. If you have started this process, you will not be able to go back. If you feel that is a mistake to get tattooed in haste, you should remove it on impulse. You need to take a careful, hard look at the tattooed region in your mirror. After all, you just should go ahead if you are sure that you really want to remove the tattoo. 

2. Gathering The Items:

how to remove tattoos at home

If you are determined whether or not remove the tattoos, you should gather all the tools that are needed for the removing process. These contain:

– A sterile bandage or gauze

– An antibiotic cream

– A cup containing 2 tbsp of ground salt

– A gauze sponge

– An unscented antibacterial soap/sudsing emulsion agent

– A bowl of water

– A hand towel

– A shaving razor

3. Boiling Water: 

Boiling water

You should pour boiled water into a medium-sized bowl to disinfect it. Then, allow the water to cool until you can proceed to the next steps. This is actually an important step that you should not skip if you want to learn how to remove tattoos at home fast and effectively without using any type of drugs, pills, or medications. 

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