How to take baby pictures at home on your own professionally

Taking beautiful pictures of your baby is always a challenge to those young parents who don’t have any experience in this field. I understand that young parent love their baby so much that they want to take his/her pictures to put into the family’s picture gallery or into their phones so that they can see their baby whenever they want to. In this article, you will discover many useful tips that will teach you how to take baby pictures at home on your own professionally.

How To Take Baby Pictures At Home Professionally

1. Basic Tips basic tips

Before you learn how to take baby pictures on your own properly, you must understand that the age does determine the photo’s quality. If your baby is less than 10 days old, it is highly recommended that the baby should be held during the photo shoot. Young newborn baby usually sleeps all the time which is a good thing in taking photos because a sleeping baby does not cry as well as not cross-eyed. He also does not suck huge pacifier in his mouths or swinging his arms uncontrollably (which happen quite frequently when she is grown up). Sleeping newborn baby always looks cute and peaceful, unlike awaked one. He usually tends to look a little weird and awkward. You will have a huge chance of taking tons of sweet photos if the baby is sleeping, and then after that, you can take a few more when he is awake.

An important reason for having a photo shoot of the newborn baby is as soon as he has been given birth; for sure you don’t want to miss the chance to capture that precious moment of that tiny little creature. This does not mean that you cannot take good pictures of the baby which is 1 to 2 months old, well but the sooner the better. The baby looks cutest when he is just born.

Set up your plan for the photo shoot early in that day and then start to keep your baby being active and awake for a while, then feed him. Eventually, you can be prepared and ready for photograph shooting. The reason is because the baby tends to fall sleep after being fed. That sleeping moment is the best moment for photo shooting.

In order to capture some quality photos, you should at least spend an hour. However, if you are taking photos of your own newborn baby, perhaps you can spend only half an hour each day in the first week. You should be prepared and find out what works best for your timetable, but you should be aware that this is not a quick process. Moreover, everything will go on more smoothly and quickly if you have some assistance beforehand. Therefore, try to ask for help from your husband, wife, friend, or grandmother.

Newborn babies usually look better naked or in a diaper or in a simple plain white onesie. It is because baby clothes are usually too big, which make them not very photogenic. Consequently, it is best to keep the baby’s clothes as simple and light as possible, so that all the focus will be on him. Nevertheless, naked babies tend to get cold which is the reason why you should keep the heater next to the baby during the photo shoot. Please be well-prepared because you will be very busy during the photo shooting and may end up being covered with sweats.

2. Pay Major Attention To Lighting

Similarly to wedding photos, in order to achieve the best photograph, the least amount of flash light should be used during the photo shoot since it does not do any good in most photography situations. Therefore, you must make sure that there are no flashing lights when taking photographs the newborn baby. You can find another source of light that comes from nature, such as a big window or glass door and try to set the photo shoot scene right next to it. Having natural light coming in, flash and overhead lights are no longer necessary. Moreover, you can even set up in the garage with the door up to allow a great source of lighting, if the weather is warm, of course. Additionally, you should also choose the perfect time of the day to start the photo shoot by paying attention to the light in the room that has the biggest window, check when it is bright enough so you cannot see the window’s shadow on the floor in front of it.

3. Check Your Camera And Equipment check your camera and equipment

Good camera does not mean you will be secured with stunning beautiful newborn baby photos. It is the camera setting and the technique of the camera man that matters. For example, a digital camera with default setting will not give you the best photo quality without some tweaks from a professional photographer.

If you own a DSLR and lenses with wide aperture capabilities, it is highly recommended that you use one of those lenses and keep the aperture open quite wide. This will help make the background blurry while sharpen the target object, which is your newborn baby. If the lighting condition of your room is not very good, your camera will have difficulties in keeping the shutter speed high, so you should consider using a tripod if you have one in hand. It is important to know how to take advantage of what you have. If you still have plenty of time before giving birth to the baby, perhaps a few months, try to get to know the camera and its related equipments as much as you can. You are also recommended to learn photography software and special effects to boost the quality of the photos. When I’m talking about this, probably you may think of Photoshop tricks right? You’re right, it is the most popular the easy to use for beginners.

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