30 Ways On How To Treat A Ganglion Cyst Naturally

how to treat a ganglion cyst on wrist

20. How To Treat A Ganglion Cyst With Aloe Vera Gel

Another one on the list of effective tips on how to treat a ganglion cyst naturally that you should not skip out is aloe vera gel. According to a study about the healing powers of aloe vera [3], this gel contains anti-inflammatory properties that may support you to speed up the healing process of a ganglion cyst naturally. Additionally, it is also very helpful to reducing pain and swelling that is caused by a ganglion cyst.


  • Firstly, you take out the gel from a fresh leaf of aloe vera.
  • Gently apply this aloe vera gel directly to the skin where a ganglion cyst is present.
  • Allow it to sit on for more than 20 minutes.
  • Finally, you wash it off with tepid water.
  • Follow this home remedy for several times per day within a few days.

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21. How To Treat A Ganglion Cyst – Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is another effective way on how to treat a ganglion cyst at home that you should know and then consider applying for good. According to a research about benefits of witch hazel for skin care [4], witch hazel extract contains astringent properties due to its tannins that help to tighten the skin and simultaneously limit the oil secretion in charge of the ganglion cyst. In fact, the leaves and bark of witch hazel can be used for making a therapeutic extract that helps to deal with your ganglion cyst.

To use witch hazel for treating ganglion cyst, you just need to use 1- 2 drops of witch hazel extract to apply to your ganglion cyst. Allow it to sit on the skin for several hours and repeat this simple method daily for the best results.

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22. How To Treat A Ganglion Cyst – Black Tea Bags

One of the best tips how to treat a ganglion cyst naturally is using black tea bags. This tea has an acidic property that may help you treat ganglion cyst quickly and naturally and simultaneously prevent it from getting worse. Addition to this, according to a study about health benefits of black tea [5], the anti-inflammatory properties found in these black tea bags also offer you an instant relief from pain and swelling in an effective way.


  • Firstly, you prepare a black tea bag and then soak it in lukewarm water for 5 minutes.
  • You take the tea bag out and remove the excess water.
  • Then, you place the warm tea bag over the skin where a ganglion cyst is present for at least 10 minutes.
  • Repeat this simple way for a couple of times daily for a few days.

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23. How To Treat A Ganglion Cyst – Lemongrass Essential Oil:

Obtained by steam distillation from lemongrass blades, using lemongrass oil is a great home remedy for slack tissue, muscle pain as well as poor circulation. The pain-relieving properties found in this oil are good for reducing the pain caused by the cyst. This is, in fact, one of the best ways on how to treat a ganglion cyst that you should know and make use, especially if you are looking for a natural way to treat a ganglion cyst.

Do you want to know other tips on how to treat a ganglion cyst at home? Continue reading this entire article and then try to follow these effective tips for good.

24. How To Treat A Ganglion Cyst – Thyme Essential Oil:

Thyme oil, taken from the leaves of the herb thyme, also has thymol and it is also a hot oil. When its diluted form is applied to the skin, thyme oil offers a soothing sensation that offers instant relief from the agonizing aches that a ganglion cyst tends to give.

In fact, this is among the best ways on how to treat a ganglion cyst at home so that people should try to follow this method to get rid of ganglion cyst soon.

25. How To Treat A Ganglion Cyst – Cypress Essential Oil:

how to treat a ganglion cyst - cypress essential oil

Another oil known for its stimulant properties, cypress essential oil is great for regulating poor circulation. Besides, it has some other properties including analgesic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, making it a quick home remedy for reducing pain and draining the fluid in some ganglion cysts.

26. Oregano Essential Oil:

It is also one of the best ways on how to treat a ganglion cyst at home that you should know and then try to make use for good, especially those who are looking for the way to cure their ganglion cysts at home. Oregano oil contains anti-tumor properties and some reports show that this oil helps in treating ganglion cysts. You can mix it with some frankincense oil in a base oil like castor oil for a home remedy that offers faster results. However, keep in mind that this oil is a very hot oil, so it must be used with caution. Always remember to dilute it before using and do not use it too much as it can cause burning sensations on the skin.

27. How To Treat A Ganglion Cyst – Bromelain:

It is an enzyme that we can get from pineapple. In case you consume 200-250mg of bromelain for 4 times a day and then the symptoms of ganglion cyst will be solved easily. In case you are suffering from peptic ulcer, this remedy may not for you.

28. Serrapeptase:

Serrapeptase is known as a natural supplement that may be used to deal with all non-living tissue that causes troubles in the body. Serrapeptase can be used to get rid of ganglion cysts. Also, this is one of the effective ways that help deal with the ganglion cyst indirectly. Serrapeptase can be found online or at health-food stores.

In fact, it is also a great one on how to treat a ganglion cyst naturally that you should not look down, but learn and then try to apply this method as soon as possible.

29. How To Treat A Ganglion Cyst – Needle Piercing:

Another way on how to treat a ganglion cyst that I want to mention in this entire article today must include needle piercing. A sterilized needle can be used to drain the ganglion cysts. This is also known as an effective remedy that needs only the courage to try; even there may be some people who prefer this method of treating a ganglion cyst.

30. Book Method:

While it sounds barbaric, a popular way on how to treat a ganglion cyst at home is to hit it with the help of a book. This remedy only needs your courage to try. Take a heavy book and then hit on a ganglion cyst several times. At first, this method is not effective when the ganglion cyst temporarily goes away and the fluid becomes dispersed but it is still inside, so it will reoccur quickly.

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The list above is an entire collection of 30 best tips on how to treat a ganglion cyst naturally at home that are proven effective in curing mild to moderate ganglion cyst without leading to any harmful side effects. However, it is advised to have a surgery for your ganglion cyst if your cyst brings about too much pain with tingling or numbness. Although it can be cured by applying some natural home treatments or event with a surgery, this issue still can reoccur.

And if you have anything to ask about your own case or about the content of the article today, or if you just want to share your own experience in curing ganglion cysts at home, feel free to let us see yours by leaving comments below.

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